Friday, September 19, 2008

Truck of the day

So if yesterday was the quote of the day, day should be the truck of the day.

Found on the side of a truck:

Merlin's Heating, Plumbing, Astrology, and Hypnotism.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quote of THE day!

For what follows, I am not even jesting in the least. Today's quote comes to you all directly from my mathematical modeling class. The assignment is to calculate how a flamingo's leg length will change with an increase in mass.

And now for the quote of the day, brought to you directly from my homework problem:

"Perhaps the best method would be to solve the problem of letting 20 lbs=∫ρ(Flamingo) dFlamingo Evaluated from 0 to flamingo. Where rho(flamingo) is the density function of the flamingo. Having found this function, and another similar one evaluated at 100 lbs it should be no trouble finding a limb generating function by comparing the ratio of the two."

And for your viewing pleasure here's the sequel, also from my assignment:
"...assume a spherical flamingo..."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Latest

So it has been a while since I have posted. Time = 0. We'll start with some errata. Once upon a time I misspoke I stated that Work is force "Cross" distance. Its not, its force "DOT" distance. This is good though, it means I don't need to figure out faith vectors o.O (for those not versed in computer speak o.O is an emoticon--icon denoting emotions, for massive headache/confusion.) Anyrate because faith is a dot product rather than a cross product it means to be truly universal all that is required is addition of other terms phew that's easy "and add unto your faith ... and unto this add... and this... and this..." ITs a quote in one of them gospelly things somewheres. Also we have concluded that faith probably is a function and its evaluation is likely to involve n dimmensions, but more of that eventually...

But, now for the fun stuff. It is true. I did get married! It was wonderful!! On 08/08/08 in the salt lake temple I wed myself to one Charla Rose Mosier (now Boom). For our reception she was in a vibrant flaming red dress, myself full scout dress uniform. The main course 1.1 whopping butload of delicious heaven sent pizza, the guest book=quilt squares. THE party favor, magic 8 balls--hey what else did you expect we got married on 8-8-8 so we got 3 8 balls (we have since come to realize 1 is good 1 evil and 1 neutral and sometimes they secretly switch roles!) After this we went to Switzerland (Zermatt,UT) florence (OR), Paris& Moscow(ID), and George-Washington. Those were all places we saw, but the really cool places were Bowman Lake Montana--Beautiful, seculded and ripe with bald eagles, well, at least one. Oh and did we mention an hour by winding gravel dirt roads. I forgot to mention 1 thing, my wife and=/= sissies. We spent most of our 10 day honeymoon camping, and our wedding day--raining. It was awesome! More happened, but I have a romantic dinner to get to. Chiao!