Thursday, October 30, 2008

More equations of the universe

Hidey ho! Its your resident quack here again. First a bit of laity. Click here. And don't forget to vote. Second, About them equation thinglies, if you're wonding which ones just click the tab for "Fundamentals of the Universe", there's a lot of them. Anyway, I've had some new thoughts on the matter. So let's recap. W=F*d, F=ma, it also is the derivative of momentum, I'll pursue that later. m=E/c^2 according to Einstein. Minkowski, Lorenz, and Einstein told us that space and time are related, d=t. a=dv/dt or as I am thinking of it, the change in course over time, dk/dt. Thus W=(E/c^2)(dk/dt)(t), Salvation is a product of works and faith or S=W*Fg*Fc. Combining it all S=FgFc(E/c^2)(dk/dt)(t) moving dt/t to the other side and dividing both sides by S we are left with dt/t=FgFc(E/c^2)(dk/S). However for this to work Salvation must not be 0. However the only ones for whom salvation is zero are the sons of perdition. For them time is eternal, yet nothing of Faith or God or things over come is with them. The other things of interest are that when we integrate the thing, we end up with Ln[[t]]=Integral(FgFc(E/c^2)(dk/S)). Taking the antilog of both sides we get the absolute value of time equaling some function. Wait, the absolute value of time--time only being positive--no time travel--no negative time. Yes this too is apparent in my equation. I am this time not going to assume Faith or energy are independent of the kourse of our lives. But 1/C^2 is. But is salvation? This is one of the fundamental points of questions of faith. is Salvation guaranteed for all, is it the same for all? Or, does salvation depend upon the life you live?

A comment

So earlier, I posted here. I thought the material was too good to stay hidden as reply. But also, the last and most powerful link got cut off.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, or alien this is a powerful speech. It is worth your time to read.

Good luck all, please try not to kill each other over politics.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama and his birth certificate

So this site refutes an absurd claim that Barrack Obama forged his birth certificate. But let's consider what this would mean if he had. 1. He has connections to lots of people with varying backgrounds and skills. He produces a quality work able to satisfy most people. He is able to get the things he wants to done, done even if he has to do/make them himself.

Wait... aren't these the attributes of a leader we want in office? Moreover, if, and only if he really were forging it, that would be he wants so badly to be an American he is willing to go to great extents to get that--that would mean he is probably going to lead us well.

But this is a moot point, because his certificate is REAL! Make a difference. Vote Barrack!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Electronics isn't real!

So more and more of my beloved subject matters are falling by the waysides as being not real!
The latest subject to be voted off the reality island is sadly, electronics-- which means since modern society is based on electronics its not real either. Alright, here's my argument. Most of Electronics is based on circuits being either on or off. Math and English are intimately related. The entire field of physics is based on story problems--problems based on the English language. So if I say that a circuit is on. That is the same as saying that the circuit is ON! One simply a little more startling and energetic than the other, but the meanings conveyed are the same. The circuit is on. Similarly if the circuit is "off." or "OFF!" this too conveys the same meaning. Either way the circuit is on or off, we are just a little more excited about one than the other. The values for each are the same. Horse beaten, point made. Sure there are nuances, but the circuit is either on or off, even if we punctuated it with a question? Check. on=on!, off!=off. On is usually depicted in binary as 1, off is usually 0. Since on!=on 1!=1 and off!=0!=1 thus:


Clearly a contradiction, thus because electronics is based on a contradiction, electronics must therefore be false. Q.E.D.

P.S. My wife wants to disown me for this proof. :)