Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random musings

So I was thinking about baptism from the LDS perspective. It starts usually with a wait on dry ground staring into the water. From our initial perspective, because of the index of refraction of water it is difficult for us to see its depths. However, our time to take the plunge comes. We enter into the water and again because of the index of refraction we are unable to see the surface, though we are able to quite effectively see the details of the watery world we are currently in. After all is said and done we re-emerge back were we started in the light of day on dry land. When we are first on land we are in what my religion has termed the "pre-mortal" life. We are unable to see mortality because of the reflection and refraction of Snell's law--the veil. Our time in the water is short as is our time in mortality. Every moment underwater is a struggle for breath, a struggle for air. Mortality is a struggle to keep our selves righteous. And yet the veil functions both ways. In the water it is difficult to see the surface the veil precludes it. On land once again we know have the memories of our life in the water. Land is again familiar. And breathing easy is taken for granted and not appreachiated as it was when we were under. Our bodies are only appreciated because of their eventual loss. More thoughts to come on the nature of spiritual refraction indices, but for now I leave this to raticionate upon.