Saturday, December 18, 2010

n^2+1 Scholarly Puns

1. What do academics wear around their necks?
A s-collar

2. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a boat called NOAA's arc.

3. What do you call a crescent shaped jail for scholars?
Sickle cell academia

4. What do scientists keep to record their public thoughts?
A scientific journal

5. Was the work on Barlett's Pear Reviewed?

6. Where do you house falsehoods?
In a Lie-brary

7. Where can you find stores of calcium hydroxide?
In A Lie-brary

8. Where do you read about thorns?
In a Li-briar

9. Are the works of urologists peer reviewed?

10. I like to buy my moduli in bulk.

11. Newton said to Young don't stress. (A Newton is a unit of force and another name for how easily a beam will bend is the bulk or Young's modulus ergo they are talking about strain).

There a brief dose of puns as per Tim's suggestion of just doing 10.1 puns ten times. The problem with this is the law of large numbers doesn't set in. Oh well enjoy.