Monday, April 07, 2008

And now for the big news...

Figure 1--The Ring
Figure 2--The Knight
Figure 3--Dinner+Knight+Ring=Fiance'

As you might have guessed from the figures1-3, I am engaged!! I asked my lovely now fiance' Charla Rose to marry me on April 4th 2008. We met in a planetarium, so I took her to the planetarium. We saw the show I produced. This one.
We danced under the stars. I then took her to a romantic restaurant.
I did all of this in a tuxedo. Dinner was excellent! And after we had finished before the ticket was fully covered I excused myself to use the restroom, and after 14 of the world's longest minutes according to my date, I emerged in a full suit of armor. Ala
Figures 2 and 3. Where on Earth did you get the suit of armor you might be asking? Well, first I tried EVERY costume store in Utah. Nothing. I tried my armored friends, (Yes I actually have friends with armor). Still nothing. I tried ordering/renting one online 5 grand! So I decided to make it. For those of you who are interested in a recipe for baking 1 suit of armor here's how:
many yards of several varieties of silver colored fabric. (about 2.5 of each in my case) $30
1 pair of silver painted plumbers boots (Oh yeah when I dropped the hint that I would be asking to marry her in plumber's boots you should have seen the look on my girl friend's face) $13.95
1 pair of bike kneepads of awesome knightness $7
1.1 pile of home depot accessories $20
Shake, spray paint, sew, sharpie, velcro, chain, forge, weld etc and after about a week of work you have a totally awesome suit of armor and a priceless look on your girlfriends face.
So I clanked out to meet her. Knelt, asked her if she would let me be her knight in shinning armor. Presented her with a ring (figure 1--Its actually a ruby, not some weird black thing) tied to a bouquet of flowers (Calil Lillies with orchids). She said Yes! I Hugged her and whisked her off after almost locking the keys in the car. So I am now no longer single. So far its been great!

Oh and you should also know there where some really ironic parts about the story too. go back to figure 3--The one where I am kneeling. Do you see the guy in the corner to the right of us, the one in black. Yeah, that's Charla's brother, coincidently on a business luncheon at the same restaurant at the same time I proposed to her! It gets better. I mentioned I tied the ring to the bouquet. I didn't mention that my scout skills served me a little to well and it was in a knot the both of us had trouble undoing. But the best part was later that night. She wanted to show me off and share the good news with some of her friends. I am still in my suit of armor at this point. Into the apartment of her neighbors we strode. On the back of the door is a sign. It reads: Put on the full armor of God! In all good times.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop grinning, this is so AWESOME! 3 x infinitey, what a great date. Heather

Ki said...

I am so floored! How perfectly romantic! I am so so happy for you! Best, best wishes!


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