Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama and his birth certificate

So this site refutes an absurd claim that Barrack Obama forged his birth certificate. But let's consider what this would mean if he had. 1. He has connections to lots of people with varying backgrounds and skills. He produces a quality work able to satisfy most people. He is able to get the things he wants to done, done even if he has to do/make them himself.

Wait... aren't these the attributes of a leader we want in office? Moreover, if, and only if he really were forging it, that would be he wants so badly to be an American he is willing to go to great extents to get that--that would mean he is probably going to lead us well.

But this is a moot point, because his certificate is REAL! Make a difference. Vote Barrack!


Ki said...


Socialism (and it's horrors) aside, I'm a little concerned that you think lying and cheating make for a good leader.

I guess results matter more than morals, huh?

Ki said...

P.S. Please forgive my lack of any sense of humor on the matter--it's been rough over in my territory about this whole blasted election. I'll be glad when it's over.

Boom said...

Either way we are probably going to get broken promises, and a few lies. Consider this though, Compare these two websites:

It seems that Mccain has half the lies posted against him that Obama does. If Obama is going to be the one lying, why are there so few lies agains Mccain. However, if Mccain is more likely to lie, we would expect more lies on Obama's page--Observe and collect data for yourself. Go on, go collect it!

So if you haven't collected the data yet, I'll share mine. The lies on Obama's page =2 times the lies on Mccain's page! This means that Mccain and his supporters should be about 2 times as likely to lie as Obama and his supporters, since it is they who are posting these things.

Besides it is certainly a step up from our current administration that can't even spell the word "truth", let alone say it. Oh and can anyone say Multitrillion, yes, that's multiple, yes multiple, values of a $1,000,000,000,000! (To put that in perspective, I estimated that in all of the surface of Camp Steiner there are only about 3 trillion grains of sand!) Mccain is suggesting we stay, Obama says leave. Mccain says do the same things we are doing. Yet, only 37% of the population actually agree with this idea. Isn't our president supposed to be beholden unto the people, if 63% say what you are doing is wrong, isn't their some 2/3 majority or something? If people don't approve of how Bush is running this country, why on Earth is Mccain running with a plan of doing the same things?

2. You type "socialism" as though its very venom drips from your fingertips. But 1, isn't it asked of us that we help the sick and the afflicted, to do unto the least of these what we would have done onto ourselves, give onto others...
Moreover, with our affiliations to scouting haven't we promised to help other people at all times, do a good turn daily? Yet any politician who actually helps the poor is a socialist only interested in the redistribution of wealth, and leading our country toward ruin? Why should our economy be based on a trickle down effect? Why should the great and mighty tree receive water only for its leaves assuming enough of a trickle will reach its roots. Why must our monetary reservoirs be pooled in the already deep pockets of those who have enough water. Why are the rivers of gold stopped and never let reach the sea save it were for a trickle. Build your base strong and your building will prevail. The world is not only roses, it has its thorns, we need to reward those who are working hard for a living, we need to avoid those who take advantage of the system, and we need to not punish those who have succeeded, but their is nothing wrong with helping those who are at their ends. Change is good. Change is coming, and if you're worried about morals, than you need to read this speech:

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?