Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Overheards

So its been a while since I have posted. Apologies if anyone still follows. I thought its been long enough I should return to posting.

Today for your Wernicke's ogling pleasure I will be posting some of the funnier things I have recently overheard:

Song Lyric: He's not actually a leprechaun--just a leper with his legs gone.

Stated by a Friend: I have to go study really hard for my class on magic.

Quoted by an Acquaintance: I hate my computer class. I am blind, what do I care about pretty fonts.

Quoted by a Stranger: Has anyone seen my ethics book? I think someone stole my ethics book.

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Boom said...

My mother was horrified that I would post something about lepers and leprechauns. She was afraid there might be some internal turmoil and backlash from the leper, amputee, paraplegic and leprechaun union (LAPLU). To both members of the LAPLU, if you are offended by any song lyrics posted here please send any comments and/or nasty emails to the members of Flogging Molly at