Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Implications of Being Mormon

So today I was listening to the classic news station and they had a bit about a pro-life bill being passed in Mississippi where life is being defined as starting at conception. [This contrasts quite sharply with Dave Barry's notion that abortions are legal until age 21.] Also mulling about in my thoughts were the implications of the semminal court case on the matter Roe v. Wade. But I think the best answer to when does life begin is offered by the Mormons. Given a pre-mortal existence, life actually begins BEFORE conception! Which of course means that, it is a sin and you are a murderer if you even THINK about not having kids.


Margot said...

Interesting. I was actually discussing this with a coworker just today. Your logic based on Mormon beliefs is sound. Given the pre-mortal existence, thinking about and then deciding against having children, even just for that moment, if not for good, is akin to abortion.

Surely you, as a rational human being, recognize that as an untenable position. So, how do you reconcile your logical conclusion with your experience of being human?

Boom said...

Yes I do recognize the logic is untenable. Mostly it was for humor's sake. Thoughts barrage us too fast to be held accountable for them. However, dwelling on them and acting/not acting on them are another matter (maybe quite literally another matter ?).