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Equations of the Universe Part III

If you recall, when we last met, I had derived for you a relation that went something like this. Salvation is equal to the product of Faith in God, Faith in the Son, Energy devoted to others, Obstacles overcome, and Time lived. All divided by the product of C^2 times the expected amount of time that you should live, or in math speak S=(F(G)F(S)*E*TL dK)/(C2*TE). The true sign that I am either off my rocker on really on to something is that it has generated a lot of
very concerned messages. Some interesting points that have been brought up are: "How do you know that your terms are really constants and not functions?", "Yes, your numbers are nice, but how do you know that's what the universe is really doing?", "There are other definitions for force, mass, time, etc how do you know you have substituted in the right ones?" and the list goes on. The answer to all of these is that I don't know. But an interesting test of any good mathematical equation is to see what it predicts. Here now are some of the predictions of the equation I have coined.

It has been said, that the greatest of the commandments is love. Love thy God with thy heart mind and soul. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Any equation propounding to be one of faith should have an expression for this. Does mine? Yes. The S term comes from a derivation of the
impact of something. This particular impact is the impact of love. For Faith is synonymous with love thus F(G)F(S) (Faith in God and Faith in the Son) show up as love. Energy devoted to others = love for them. dkTL the change in course times the time lived represents a
respect of self and a desire to overcome and to endure. A desire to live to the end. Love.

Now suppose instead of Salvation being the solution, what would happen if we solved instead for the energy spent. E=S*C^2*TE/F(G)*F(S)*TL*dk In other words, The Energy of helping other people is a form of salvation, it provides great light. And if TE the time we are
expected here on this Earth might be substituted as a divine plan then helping someone else is part of this plan. But as this equation points out Helping someone else will take time. The less time you know someone the more energy it will take to help them. Energy devoted to others will cause change, though interestingly the smaller the change the greater the energy it will take. Large changes can be done easily, but small ones become progressively harder. And if there
is nothing that needs to be changed, then an infinite amount of energy is released. Consider this, God is perfect, there is nothing about him that is in need of change and thus according to our relation, his energy must be infinite. Moreover, helping others not only is a part of God's plan, a part of his being, but also an act of faith. And the greater your faith in both God and Christ the less energy it will take to help another. If your faith is low, then helping others becomes very difficult and much energy must be invested. There is one other important feature of this particular rendition. The astute reader should note that all things that are controlled by God are on one side of the dividing line, while all things that are under our control are under God's watchful eye and are separated by a thin dividing line. A line has no width God is infinitely close to us 0 distance away 0 thickness is the line of the boundary that separates us from Him. Yet, This line, this veil if you will is still quite difficult for us to cross of our own. Moreover the energy we devote to others is on the same level as God himself! Hmm. Fascinating.

What can we learn if instead we solve for our change in course? dk=S*C^2*TE/(F(G)F(S)*E*TL) The things we overcome are essential to salvation. They will provide us will light. They are part of TE--the great plan. Failure to change is why Satan's plan failed. There is no room to change and to grow. The greater our faith the smaller our choices will be, the easier they will become. The more we help others, the smaller our choices become. And as our life progresses on so do do our choices become clearer. If what the LDS church, the
church I have so recently joined, if what they say is true, and I believe it is, this would suggest that Salvation is probably one of several constants. My faith tells me that there are 3 levels of
heaven, yet heaven for you, will be just as rewarding as heaven for me. This suggests the possibility that heaven is quantized. Somewhat particulate, yet also continous revealing both a wave and particle like nature. It is constant and existing as a distinct value. Goodness and Light, light squared too is a constant. TE I suspect is also a constant, though the idea
that it is a function is intriguing as well, but all of this means that change is not constant as the old adage goes, but it is nearly so. Change depends upon our faith, our energy , and our choices,
change is almost entirely in our hands!

TE and TL are too inseparable terms. Why are we here if we are not a part of God's plan? So too why should so many cultures have a God if something of the sort were not supposed to be in our life? TL The life we live is S, Salvation, C^2, light, light in all we can see, TE, a part of God's plan/Faiths Energies and changes (dk) So too is our life. If we are separated from God's plan, then we will be divided by differing faiths, energy and change. Life it appears is a very interesting function. Salvation as suggested earlier, I believe to be on. C^2 is a constant. Faith and Energy are in my hands. Change is tricky. I have control, but probably not all. And thus, taken as a whole, my life is not entirely in my hands, but it is for the most part under my control. Life is a symbiosis, a symbiosis of free will. I am a stake holder in
the changes of it and in my faith. I may choose the amount of energy to devote, but it is also a product of a divine plan. But remember TL and TE are coupled. TE=F(G)F(S)E*dK*TL/(C^2*S). How long we live, our expected life span and how it fits into the cosmic scheme cannot decrease except by our choising TL. The Greater our faith and the more we devote to others from an eternal perspective the longer our lives will be. So how should we maximize the ratio of how long we are expected to live to how long we actually live? Our fullest life TE/TL=F(G)F(S)*E*dk/S*C^2. Thus the key to not only salvation, but to living our longest possible life is to life one full of Faith and Love. To strive to overcome that which is thrown at us and to always mindful of that which is good and and light and to keep our own salvation underfoot--Hmm Calvinism has reared its head. While we are on the topic of the course of our lives unbeknownst to us our equation has hidden another expression for the length of our lives. To see the full beauty of this equation let us again examine it in its original form. S=F(G)F(S)*E*TL*dk/C^2 TE but if you will remember TE came from the acceleration term in work. Acceleration was defined as dk/dt where we proposed that dt was the change in time and therefore equal to time, though this generalization is correct, let us see what happens if we did this equation its full justice and integrated it properly. Separating like terms we are now left with dt/TL = (F(G)F(S)*E/S*C^2)dk, you will recognize this as a fancier version of the equation we had before. Here we will converse with God in his native tongue, mathematics. Now one should note, that it was pointed out earlier our faith in God and Christ is probably more accurately described by a function of k; however, I have not yet been granted privy to this precise function I will deal only in the simplest case--F(G)and F(S) as constants. If this is true we are able to antidifferentiate with respect to time, a neutral time outside of our life or God's. Doing so, the veil is lifted slightly and we are left with The natural logarithm of Time=(F*E/S*C^2)K + a constant. Hmm, time has a natural rhythm, there is an algorithm, a plan for our life. Our total faith, and our total energies divided among a constant of all encompassing light and salvation times all of the things we have over come K. It takes an entire lifetime to overcome all that we can, thus K=TL. Notice K has no limits. We may never be able to completely overcome all things, but we are a source of infinite potential (Proof of this forthcoming.) The other thing that is amazing is now that we are on the other side, in a higher dimension, our life is summed totaled and complete we realize that hidden this entire time has been a constant. What is this higher dimensional constant companion you ask? There is but one thing it can be--the Holy Ghost. Ah good, and now our Trinity is complete. This leaves only three things to solve for. The speed of light squared is a fundamental part of our equations. This means that we can solve for goodness and light a supposed constant in terms of functions, functions not of God's control, but of ours! Our choices can affect the entirety of the rest of the universe! Michaelson and Morely have shown quite conclusively that the speed of light is indeed constant for all points and observers. Something has to change, but what? Einstein has fortunately provided us with the answer to this one. Space distances and time itself will change to preserve the sanctity of goodness and light. This means that every Joule of of energy we devote to someone else brings time to a stop distances mean nothing god is among us, and because time has stopped we have gained an eternity all dependent on us overcoming our sins, helping others, and keeping a strong faith in God and Christ!

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