Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Part IV

When we last left this mortal solenoid, we had solved for everything except faith. Let us now explore the ramifications of solving for F(G)and F(S). F(g)=(S*C^2TE)/(F(S)EdkTL), F(S)=(S*C^2TE)/(F(G)EdkTL). Wait what? How can this be a stronger faith in Christ reduces our faith in God. The more things we overcome, and the more energy we devote to others all suggest a diminished faith in the divine. Even if we take into account the fact that Faith in Christ is related to faith in God and treating faith as one term F(G)F(S)=S*C^2/EdkTL we are still left with a paradox. Why should an increase of the energy invested on our part represent a decrease in our total faith. At first glimpse our equation clearly shows an inconsistency, yet given the staggering, awe inspiring predictions I am loath to cast it aside as of yet. Further study reveals that the paradox is resolved by realizing faith has crossed the barrier of the equals sign. Our faith is being viewed from a cosmic perspective. From the vantage of God and Christ all of our actions all of our trials amount to what appears to be very little. This is simply a reaffirmation that faith cannot be gained through energy works but must be gained independent of our energies and trials. However, this is still only marginally satisfying. If works do not increase faith, why then do so many religions insist on service in a mission? Why then have so many who have served testify to the opposite of this claim. Perhaps, our equation has a glitch. What if the terms F(G) and F(S) are not faith in God and Christ as I have thought, but what if it is instead the ratio of our faith, to the faith in God and the Son. My faith is F(M). Yet how many times greater is the faith of God and Christ? Faith enough to die for the entire world and never call unto him the powers of heaven to prevent it. 1/A great expanse of faith that is God and Christ neither separated from the other F(M)/F(G)F(S)=TLdkE/(S*C^2TE) And now the light is upon us for the greatest way of increasing the ratio of our faith to the faith of God and Christ is through an energy of devotion, love, endeavoring to change and to live our fullest life.

There is one other powerful point to be made. When derived, this equation was based on the idea that work is equal to force times distance, this is true, but it is not the most general form. In its broadest form work is defined as Force Cross Distance. Our cross is a product of the net force and total distance traveled in ALL directions and all dimensions. What wonders will we derive if instead of using the classic particulate force, but instead the electroweak, The nuclear strong, Coulomb's law and the many other functions of compulsion.

Just as a fork if seen from one vantage appears as but three separate dots, from another it is a single line segment, from a third it is a highly filigreed, ornate handle. Each of these views contradicts the others for clearly something that is three separate tines cannot be a single line, but viewed from an all seeing higher realm it is something more proving all three all three sights to be a true part of the whole. So too do I view religions. Perhaps with a better understanding of not only the cross product of our forces and their distances but work when viewed from every direction, perhaps then truth and understanding among religions will ensue.


Ki said...

Now these are some very cool findings, and you put a lot of effort into it...

Which begs the question, why are you doing it?

Boom said...


1. I am a math geek.
2. It was a cool exploration into I wonder...
3. Because my findings were too cool not to publish. I figure this way, if I die, I will have least published such that my ideas don't die with me.
4. This is what I do instead of going and sometimes while going on dates.
5. Because I can.
6. Would you expect any less?

Boom said...

Oh and
7. I think it would be fun someday to write a book and call it "The Calculus of God". It would be a whole series of essays based on the cool things calculus can tell us about religion. I am testing my ideas here first.

Ki said...

No. Never. Have fun on your dates.