Saturday, May 19, 2007


So be sure to check out a few weeks ago I posted 50 cat jokes. The total is now where it should be an is officially 101. Also some of you may not have noticed but Way, way way down at the bottom is my links, games, jokes, and other stuff section. I don't know why it is clear down there and not residing at the top where it should be. And despite having some test or other tell me I am 98% Nerd I don't actually get along more than just an acquaintance basis with most computers, so if somebody could tell me how to fix that I would be much obliged. Oh yeah and if I have ever offended anyone with any of my material as alwasy that is never my intent and I do apologize in advance.


Katsu said...

So I'm blogging again, and you're welcome to read and comment. Just click my user name and it'll take you to my list of blogs.

Chani said...

Hey Boom! This is Chani! I saw your blog from Ki's page. I too have joined the blogging realm. I totally loved your jokes! They were great!