Saturday, September 22, 2007

The excellent things I have learned while taking SCUBA.

So I have been taking a SCUBA [Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus] class. I am posting because the book has some amazing sources of insight. Such as:

You should take an underwater flashlight just in case there is an
unexpected underwater solar eclipse.

So today we are learning about Nitrogen
Narcosis. Basically it is a condition that can happen while diving
that causes the diver to loose touch with reality. The example the
instructor gave was a gentleman who went off swimming after fish
trying to offer them his regulator. He was working under the logic
that "fish need oxygen too!"

In skin diving you will use all of your SCUBA equipment, except for the SCUBA unit.

And most importantly don't ever breathe air that tastes bad. And while I am at it I should mention that you should only get air from reputable dealers. No Air Can Be Bad!

Through SCUBA I am even learning some very important life lessons: If it is very pretty, or very ugly or it doesn't flee from you don't touch it.
If taken out of the context of SCUBA and applied to dating that fairly well sums up many of my experiences.

Don't drink and dive. Drunk diving can kill.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for future posts of diver enlightenment.

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