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The Fluffosophizer Returns: Equations of the Universe V

Honor thy mother and father (Exodus 20:12). But how does this fit
with what we know about S=FEdKTL/(C^2TE)? The Energy we devote to
others is a form of Love, and how can we love another if it does not
start at home? Moreover how can you have a high F(G) if you do not
honor your own parents? How can you change your life without
involving others? And how do you live life if you are not created?
Parents are inherent in every term in the numerator. They are a
fundamental part of the equation of salvation.

Thou shall not kill (20:13). If you loved something, why would
you kill it? The image of God is in all things(Paraphrasing Alma
30:40). God created all things, ergo killing something for no other
purpose than to kill--that is a serious slap in the face of God. If
you are doing that you are not showing love and admiration of His
creations, you are not honoring your father, you are requiring him to
create anew the life you have taken diminishing E the energy devoted
to others. You are playing with a sacred TL/TE ratio. Thou shall not

Thou shalt not commit adultery. If you do you are taking away energy
you should have been devoting to your spouse. You run the risk of
creating a child that will not be able to honor its parents. To have
an affair also involves lying to cover it up thereby increasing your
dK term. And lowering your F term because by having an affair,
commiting adultary, you, whether you admit it or not are saying that
you have no faith that your currect relationship will workout so I
should persue another.

Thou shalt not steal (20:15). Again this one goes back to the F term.
If you need something so bad as to steal it, you are really saying
that you don't trust God enough that if you really did need it he
would provide a means of achieving it. By stealing you are not
showing love and respect for your neighbor. And you are creating
negative energy terms within the E term.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors stuff (20:17). How can you love
your God, if you are wallowing in pity over the things you don't have?
By coveting you are spending your talents to no avail. If it were
meant to be that you needed such things then God will provide a way
for you to acquire them. Covetings are things dK is made of, the
wants and desires to be overcome in this life. Finally, if you are
coveting the things of your neighbor, how is it that you can love him,
and serve him? You will instead be swallowed by the envy of his
stuff. How can you love God with your heart, soul and mind, if part of
these are devoted to your neighbor's big screen TV?

Q.E.D though not at all aparent, nor obvious, the things God has
commanded us are indeed hidden within the equation of faith. But
there is a second part of the challenge I too must prove. In Matthew
Christ says that the teachings of the profits hang upon love as well.
But can they too be found in my equations?

We will start with the LDS Articles of Faith. 1. We believe in God
the Eternal Father and in his son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.
Check F(G), F(S), and the Holy Ghost being separate from the three
comes about though calculus. The Holy Ghost if you recall is hidden
by the dK upon integrating a constant companion drops out of the
equation. If you look back at your life as a whole hidden beside you
at all times, often far too small for him to be see were the pices of
a higher dimensional constant companion. He is there, but he can only
be seen when your life as a whole is viewed in retrospect. Even
though his is small, he is there, and he can be felt.

2.We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for
Adam's transgressions. Ah but adam had to sin for there to be
transgressions, thus there is a plan T(E), but we are allowed to chose
how we live our lives T(L). Thus there is also free will. For it is
our choice upon which we are graded.

3. By obedience to Christ all mankind may be saved, by obedience to
the laws and ordinances of the Gospel. A reaffirmation of the
importance of F(G) and of F(S).

4. Most important are First faith in Lord Jesus Christ (There's that
F(S) term again), second repentance (dK), third baptism by imersion
(carefully note the position of where God's plan T(E) is in the
equation, it is below the horizon of life and death. Baptism is the
journey across the divisor from the region of life we control into the
realm of God. If is not enough to catch but a glimpse of the world of
God, you must be fully immersed into it.), fourth the laying on of
hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. The last one is tricky, but it
to is hidden in there. Where it mentions the Holy ghost, we should
probably suspect that we will need to again consider the integral
notation or are previous equation. once again incase you are lost,
the definition that we have been playing with stems from the idea that
the impact of our actions depends upon the quality and quantity of our
actions. We measured the quantity of our faith with the F
multipliers. We measured the quality by our works where our works
were defined F*d which though the postulates of Einstein morphed into
EdK*T/(C^2dT) without egregious loss of generality we have been
calling dT, the change in time, simply the time that we are expected
to live. If we solve for time, by rearranging we are left with dt/t=(FE/C^2*S)dK Integrating both sides we end up with Log T = (FE/C^2*S)K+H => T=e^H*e^(FE/C^2*S)K. The constant companion term, the one we have called H when our life is viewed in retrospect from a vantage of a higher dimension (i.e. after we have integrated and added together the infinite number of important moments in our lives) The constant companion is raised to a power and applied to our lives e^H is literally the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy ghost!

We believe that man must be called of God, by prophecy. Prophecy comes by way of the TE term (the integration and approximation of dt). However, man is constrained by the speed of light term. A triffly difficult matter to overcome without the aid of God and his associates.

We believe in the same organization as the primitive church. Math is the language of the Universe, and though there is a time component in the equations upon which the church is founded, I do not believe that the equations will change over time. It is possible, and if it does my equation will enter into the realm known as dynamic systems, but as of yet equations such as that are somewhat beyond my current mathematical abilities and along with and analysis of the full generality cross product form of my equations shall have to be saved for a future date.

Ah, but what about all of the gifts, tongues, prophecies, revelations, visions, healings, interpretations and so forth, will my equations bring them forth? Yes, but the terms dealing with gifts are the products of the Holy Ghost. To bring them into play I need to use the Integral version once again. T The fullness of God's plan equals (is) the natural base e empowered with the constant companion (It seems as though the power of the Holy Ghost is throughout nature.) Applied to our nature raised to the power of faith and energy. It seems that e^F is the power of faith throughout all of nature--prophecy! So what then is the e^E term? Natural base empowered with energy--Healing! Continuing, e^(1/(C^2*S)) the natural base raised to the power of 1/all encompassing light and salvation--Revelation. And what about e^K? How is nature a part of the course of our lives? What does nature have to do with the extent of all difficulties we have over come? Perhaps the e^K term is for us to overcome our animal selves or an imploring for us to again become our perfect selves? One should also note, revelations can come to anyone, but they are strongest for those with a high degree of faith.

We believe the Bible and the book of Mormon are, as far as they are translated correctly the word of God. How does faith come about, but by knowledge I suspect those terms are tied up somehow within the all encompassing F term.

We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet revel many great and important things. We have seen there is a term of revelation. This term is independent of time, thus even as time goes to 0 or infinity there is still revelation. Though we will need to know more about the fine structure constant, a property possibly inherent in the universe, that will tell us if light has always been constant and always will be. That aside, consider this though, if you believe that God ever did speak to us, why would you believe that he has now gone on hiatus and is simply leaving us to his voice mail? "You're prayers are important to us, but God is not in right now. Please leave you message and God will get back to you shortly. Beep!" Sorry, no, I think I'll pass. I would much rather have a religion where God is at least as involved as I am. Thus if god is still listening, why would he also not still be revealing his infinite secrets?

Ok. How about the 10 tribes of Israel bit, and the literal gathering of Zion? Alright on that one I am stumped. I suspect it may be another one of the intricate folds inherent within F. It may even be one of those cool terms that falls out of the cross product version of this equation. Or something cool that comes out of the fact that we have an alternative composition of the speed of light. We know that c= 1/(The electric permitivity of free space times the magnetic permeability of space)^(1/2). Does this imply cool things about religion and the universe as a whole? This too I don't know I haven't perused it yet, but give me time and I will. It does mean though that space itself is on our side of the divisor bar. It also means that God is a rational term, a real term, and that there is nothing imaginary about Him, even if he is unseen. And the other cool part hidden by yet another alternative characterization, is that pi is a fundamental part of God and religion. I mentioned that there are other ways of describing the speed of light. I mentioned two constants--One of them Mu naught is the permeability of free space and is defined as 1/4Pix10^7 N/Amperes^2. But as for the tribes of Israel still no clue.

Can I show obedience to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates. Well obedience to them tends to improve your TL score, and Faith is exercised first, on a small scale in our rulers then on a larger scale for our God. And there is the E term, energy devoted to helping others, it seems a bit difficult to me to serve others if you yourself are locked up, though I do not think that Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. were in the wrong for disobeying the laws of society. I think this Article is a general guideline. It seems to me that the most important thing is the spirit of the matter and not the specific requirements. These are after all based on the idea of love. If a law, or magistrate of any sort is not based on love then it should by all means not be followed.

So can I prove the final article? Being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and doing good to all? F, E and dK all speak volumes about all of those terms. Is every single one of these based on Love--Certainly. Can they all be tied back to the equations of faith, absolutely. Good night! Good Luck! Enjoy! More post to come as I think of them!

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