Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Love it!

(Characters drawn by Ron Proctor. Images copyright Ott Planetarium, so please don't even think of stealing them, sad I have to say all of that, but as we are publishing the show I feel I should.)

So anyway, these are our characters for our upcoming scout show for the planetarium. Yes we are sending it nation wide and Yes it does meet ALL of the astronomy meritbadge requirements. We aren't done yet, but I got to see a sneak preview. Its FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!! Incidently I wrote the script, and I also play at least three of these characters. Anyone care to guess which ones Answers are later in the blog.

Highlights include, buzzard blowing up the Earth. Boy gets cactus on his tongue and is carried away by giant killer mosquitos. Buzzard gets baked and a postage stamp is really an atomic bomb. Scoutmaster Ted is eaten by light pollution AND Bobo the Buzzard does stand up. Its the most hilarious 20 minutes I have seen and that just the start. Oh, and if you were still in doubt as to which characters I play: The male interview doesn't exist, The mosquito is silent, as are the medics. Billy screams. And I play Jimmy, Bobo and Winston Churchill. Its great! I recomend to anyone coming to watch our scout show starting probably early February. (Oh, and if you should happen to want to buy it just click today's title.)


Ki said...

You can't hear it, but I was giggling and applauding loudly.


Boom said...

IT IS DONE!!!!!! My show is finished and being sold nationwide! As if our planetarium weren't already the coolest! we moved from being nationally known to being an international powerhouse! We have even sold shows to JAPAN!! And I work there and On Wednesday February 14 6pm we are showing for FREE my scout show production! For anyone who actually cares to come check it out Wednesday 6pm. Please come.