Monday, March 12, 2007

Fitch and The Beast

What of that fearsome beast?
The one that came from the East?
Did we heros fall?
Under its maul?
Did his gaping face
tear into us in that place?
Ranger, Dorf, Dewey and I?
We poked that cretin right in the eye.
Unable for him to see,
For us it was an easy victory.
When the last of the skulls we slew,
We now had real work to do.
'Afore again leaving that room,
Many a restless villager we did re-entomb.
Return these souls to rest,
that is what we thought best.
Long we stayed.
And long we wielded our spade.
And when our grim task was done,
To adventuring we returned to have our fun.
But before we got far,
Around us shown instantly a light brighter than the brightest star.
Dewey, the ranger, and the dorf no more could I find.
I looked around and realized I had left the world I once knew behind.
Much to my surprize
I found bars before my eyes.
Of all the places I could befall,
I landed smack amid a carnival.
Neither Allais Bedovar, Dewey Hackenbash, nor Ulfgar were in sight.
Something just wasn't right.
And to make matters a wee bit more absurd,
In the cage next to me was an elf more colored than a bird.
He begged to be free,
It was toward me he did plea.
But here my brain did fork,
For also beside me was a bardic orc?
Into what weird world
Had I just been hurled?
Donned me my cloak of etherial tailor.
Strode through the bars of my material jailor.
Got me pick
Put it to their lock and did the trick.
Ah, fresh air...
But not for long, for we saw the gaurds who didn't want us there.
Did we fools escapes?
How long in freedom would we trapse?
An orcish bard--
that's a tale that will make you thinkest hard.
A polychromatic elf,
that's a story for a humanlings shelf.
But tune in again and you shall see,
A delightful story wroght with glee.
Read again to see how the story goes
This is one you should knows...

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