Tuesday, December 12, 2006

101 Pop Culture Puns

Ha! Fooled you! I was refering to soda pop! I know I know these puns are as-soda-ed.

1. Who's your soda daddy?
Your soda pop.

2. What is a soda musical?
The fanta of the Opera

3/4. What do you call a soda pixie?
A Fanta-asm
A Sprite

5. What do steel mills and soda factories have in common?
They both have coke

6. Hear about the soda that lost his/her job?
He got canned

7. What about the boxing soda?
He got popped

8. What goes well with soda?
Pop corn

From: http://inventors.about.com/od/foodrelatedinventions/a/soft_drinks.htm

In 1767, the first drinkable man-made glass of carbonated water was created by Englishmen Doctor Joseph Priestley. Three years later, Swedish chemist Torbern Bergman invented a generating apparatus that made carbonated water from chalk by the use of sulfuric acid. Bergman's apparatus allowed imitation mineral water to be produced in large amounts.

9. Alternative definiton: Vender
Name for a math student dealing with intersecting circles usually two or three

10. With the increase of CO2 into the atmosphere, does that make the US a Carbon-nation?

11. What is a Wicked soda song?

From Wikipedia:
In Arabic countries soft drinks are usually called either mashroob ghasi, meaning literally "gas drinks" مشروبات غازي

Canned Coffee is popular in japan.

Drink Concentrates in England are called squash.

12. What do you get if you mix root beer and Godzilla?

13. If the market for Energy Drinks is going up but still losing money, is that a Red Bull Market?

14. How do you season a cola?
With a pinch of Dr. Pepper

15. What do you call a eucalyptus eating marsupial soda?
A Cola bear

16. What do you call the inability to digest a soda?

More from Wiki:

17. Pschitt is a French soda created by Perrier in 1954. The name originates in the transcription in French of the noise made by a Perrier bottle when it is opened.

Pascual Boing is a Mexican soft drinks company.

Amrat Cola is a brand of cola manufactured by the Pakistan Mineral Water Bottling Plant.

18. If you are in Paraguay drinking a soda and are mauled by a lion, is that Simba?

Julmust is a Sweedish holiday drink of great secrets and popularity. (In the month of December Julmust outnumbers Sweedes ( gal/ sweede)

19. Aparently it is an artificial Sweedener. That joke Julmust worked.

20. What do you call a lying soft drink?
Mr. Phibb

21. The grapefruit soda was arrested?
When the police got there he was freshca-ed

22. What does a Swedish passion fruit and the largest city in Australia have in common?
One is Sydney, the other is a Sidni

23. What does a non-carbonated Swedish drink have in common with a holiday from Seinfeld?
One is a festivus for the rest of us and the other is a Festis (that joke really didn't work but I had to include it after completely missing festivus in my last batch so enjoy and go put up a pole)

Milkis is a carbonated milk beverage bottled in Korea. It is said to improve your ability at starcraft?

24. You had better bundle up, you might catch a cola.

25. Are soda bacteria E. cola?

26. What do you call a Tinidad and tobago soad rapper?
BUSTA rhymes

27. What do you call a boy band made of soda?
pop singers

28. Nuclear soda scientist developed nuclear Fizz-ion

29. After getting seven green and white mushrooms on Mario bros, what soda have you earned?
A 7 up

30. What is a soda popular in Sweden?
Sven up

31. After being shocked I got a jolt from my cafenated soda.

32. What do you call fizzy bottled water Pilgrims?

33. What do you call a perverted soda?
Dr. Peeper

34. Don't mind root beer, their barq is vorse than their bite.

35. What do you call a track event for soda?
Cola VAULTing

36. How do sodas know who is on their phones?
With cola id

37. The orange soda couldn't get a date. He was Crushed.

38. They are now making a soda popular with surfers.
They are calling it Blue Crush (If you don't get this Blue Crush was an older relatively obscure surf movie)

39. Have you heard about a root beer coorporation accepting applications?
They are now Hire-ing

40. What do you get if you mix up A Wand with a keg?
A and W

41. Why movie starred Kevin Costner and a field of vanilla flavored sodas?
Field of creams

42. What is a haunted soda called?
Scream soda

43. What do you get if you cross vector calculus of mass losing particles going into space and an imitiation soda?
Diet Dr. Rocket Science

44. What do you call soda groupies?
A fanta club

45. What do you call a Disney movie about sodas?

46. Dr. Pepper was originally bottled as a medicine if it had instead been a ginger product would the motto have been "Good for what ales ya"

47. If P. Cola is Pepsi Cola is a strong wind really a soda?
G. ale (gail/ ginger ale)

48. What do you call a soda that can stop rain?
Hawaiian Puncho

49. Before and after Hawaiian Puncho Villa

50. What do you get if you cross a multi flavor soda brewing company with an action oriented archaeologist?
Indiana Jones

51/53. Who cleans up after sodas?
The minute maid She is also married to the minute man, the one who lives on Drury Lane.

54. What do you get if you cross a yellow soda with Yo-yo Ma?
Mello cello. (And from here on out there will be no mo Yo yo Ma was so fat or stupid or other wise jokes)

55. What do you get if you cross a highly caffenated soda with a sketch artist?
Mountain Drew

56/58. If you shoot a root beer can what is it?
a. Can tankardous
b. holy
c. A Mug shot

59. Energy orb soda has gone into Orbitz.

60. What does Patriot's Choice cola and a computer have in common?
They are both PCs

61. Why is buying a generic soda condescending?
Because they are both Patriotnizing.

When invented Pepsi's theme line was "Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion."

62. What does a soda brand have in common with a remote car?
Both are R.C.s

63. What do you call ginger ale under the carpet?
A Schweppe under the rug

64. What do you call the governator of soda California?
Arnold Schweppes-seneiger

65. The sodas won all of their games it was a clean schweppe.

66. Sierra shot, but Sierra Mist

67. What do you call a Jamaican soda religion?

68. who pays for a diet soda?
Whoever picks up the tab?

69. What soda is found on a keyboard?

70. How do you turn off a soda's lights?
With a Sunny De-Light

71. Where do sodas store their money?
In a vault

72. What do you call an expulsive release of gas from a grape soda company?

73. What type of clothes do drinks wear?

74. What do you call a changable soda?
A Capri-cious

75. What grows in soda gardens?
A Dr. Bell Pepper

76. How do you fix a hole in a beverage?
With a soda machine

77.How do root beers great each other?
IBCing you real soon

78. Does the orange soda that golfs need to work on its slice?

79. What soda is the most popular with squid?

80. What do you get if you have a fulcrum and a soda arm?
Beverage and Arcimedies said if you give me enough beverage I could move the world.

81. What is a soda's favorite flower?
A POP-py

82/85.Characters in Soda wars:
Master Soda
Obi Wan CANobe
Darth Soda

86. What is a fun computer game with Ginger ale?
Mine Schwepper

87. What is a famous soda golf course?
Pibb-le beach

88. Who is a famous soda actor?
William Shasta

89. Before and After/alternative definition: Microsoft drink
What you get at McDonalds after you remove all the ice.

90. How do the Ice Borg move across the universe?
In an Ice cube

91. If you freeze a cream soda what do you get?
Vanilla Ice

92. Are arguments about drink siphons largely strawman arguments?

93. What type of speciation affects beverage container tops?
Al-lid-patric speciation

Warning offensive:
94. What determines the amount of enjoyment obtained from a soda?
Cup size (SORRY!)

95. Where does a soda take a visiting alien?
Two liter

96. What do you give a saccrine-aholic for his/her anniversary?
A Suc-rose

97. Alternative definition: Cannibull
The container for a brand of energy drink

98. Where is most ginger ale is bottled?

99. What do you call it when one of the Spice Girls calls in sick?
Ginger ail

100. What is a not so soft drink?
GINger ale

101. Is it over?

Alternative definition: Pop
What your brain just did.


Ki said...

Alright, by the nature of the thing, me telling you it's ridiculous won't me much, but trust me, this is getting ridiculous.

Is there a world record or something? I think you've broken it.

Boom said...

But I still have over 6,000 puns still to compose!

erzee said...

Big, big, big points for the Spice Girls reference. I laughed. Numerous times.

Boom said...

Erzee: Check Out Septmeber 28 2006 I crack another one at them that you might like.