Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas trees et al

So here's some really great ideas I had for Christmas tree designs:

A Lego Tree
One made entirely of Legos

A tree on a neutron star
Flat green disk for tree

Godzilla Tree
Add mouth tail arms legs to green body of tree to make Godzilla

A Tree tree
Decorate the tree with smaller mini trees

A fractal tree
decorate it with all sorts of mendelbrots et al.

To be cont.


My Life said...

I just wanted to say that your blog is the hardest, out of those I read, to keep up with. Its all so interesting I could spend the whole day reading and still not get 'up to speed'.

heT ardgBe

Boom said...

To Fred:
Much obliged!
I feel for ya man. Your stuff is often quite dark. I wish you luck. And hope you finally find that for which you are seeking. Incidently what does The Barge stand for?

If you have questions, I have answers ask them and we'll see if they match.

My Life said...

lol I messed up the letters. Thought it would be fun. But you reordered them in the wrong order. 'The' is right. But you left out the 'd' when you spelt 'barge'.

The name is Fang, Badger Fang.

I know I know, im a dork. :P

Boom said...

Dorkdom is good you saw my "You Might be a geek" page right?

So Mr. Fang, any cool stories behind the name?