Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Alternative Definitions

1. Beverage:
The age of a rodent cutting down trees

2. Impov:
Sans Skript

Beantler: The second branch fromt eh base of a deer's antler

Bibliomancy: making random predictions from the bible.

3. Bicuspid:
When the dentist isn't pulling your leg.

4. Bigamist:
Large Italian fog

5. Biceps:
Your Flexability

6. Bigarreau:
An Opera by Mozart (actually a type of cherry)

7. Binary:
2 Canaries

8. Topless Beach:
A place with no strings attached (sorry)

9. Bilge:
What gets sailors pumped up

10. Billings Gate: a fish market in London known for foul vulgar abusive talk--Not to be confused with the talk that results from dealing with a special computer someone.

11. Billionaire:
Middle class

12. Bullemia:
Life with its urps and downs

13. Biochemistry:
A totally tube-ular science

14. Bird of Prey:
A catholic eagle

15. Birth:
Your comming out day

16. Black eyed Susan:
An abuse case

17. Blade:
A way of making your point

18 Beach farming:
Splash and Berm agriculture

19. Blank verse:
Not doing an English assignment

20. The Blarney Stone:
Something that needs kissing up to

21. Future Blazonry:
Harlding times to come

A job that is spotty at best

23. Blintz:
Rollin in the dough

24. blockade:
The kid who helps you put away your blocks

25. Blockage:
See arteries

26. Blonde:
Its not a hair color its a way of life

27. Fugitive:
One who is chaste

28. blow torch:
Escaping by the ascetalyne of your pants

29. Bludgeon stick:
Night club

Random joke:
Which aviation enthusiast and early 1900s philanthropist really likes color?
Howard Hues

30. Successful Bluff:
Call collect

31. Boar:
One who hogs a communication

32. Bobby Pin:
A British Police sting

33. Bob sled Runner:
A Slayer

34. Corset:
Chest Compressions
Wrap sheet
See also low Resolution

35. Full Cavity check:
A good dentist

36. Ebola:
An online website devoted to thrown weapons on a string used for entangling.

37. bad bolt:
One that doesn't hold its ground well

38. Bomb Shell:
The remains of an animal found on an Iraqi beach

39. A fighter jet taking off with after burners:
A device for leaving you wondering whats the uproar

40. Book of matches:
The most reading some people do

41. Boomerang:
A return investment
Something that can't easily be tossed away

42. Border patrol:
A boundary value problem

43. Bulkans:
I can't hear you you are breaking up

44. I think the dealings at the Boston Tea Party went a little overboard

Botryoidal :resssembling a bunch of grapes

45. Boutique:
A Craft Fare

46. Bow:
A device with a lot of drawbacks (the same is true of a football team)

47. Bowsprit:
The part of a ship that really gets you a wake

48. Violin bow:
We all have our foibbles

Random joke:
What do astronomers fold?
The plait-eis

49. Bracers:
Armed gaurds

50. Bracing:
Whats the hold up

51. Braille:
Connect the dots

52. Brain:
Connect the thoughts

53. Unlavend bread:
Last but not yeast

54. Breeding ground:
A Teem environment

55. Brew:
Good for what ales ya

56. Brick Kiln:
A place under heavy mortar fire

57. A bride without a groom:
One who weds herself

58. What do you call a euphausid clock:
Time to krill

59. Brine:

60. Returns:
Taken aback

61. Broach:
What is found in unclean bapartments

62. Broken:
World Piece

63. Brooding:
A mother worrying about her young

64. Toddler snakes:
Brownie in motion

Brume: is a fog

Bubble and Squek is an English dish of cabbage and potatoes

67. Budget:
A spendable allowance

68. treadmill:
Something that gives you the run around

A Bumbershoot is an umbrella

69. Bunghole:
One who gets tight with barrels

70. Burdock
See an attachment

71. Burdock:
A real stickler

72. Bunsen Burner:
An old flame

73. Burreau:
Holding agency

74. Burreaucrat:
Red tape dispencer

75. Burgomeister:
A magnate material

76. Burlesque:
A house of Whore

77. Burlesque:
A place where they practice can-can-abalism

78. Burn when things are starting to heat up

79. Butt Joint:
Don't even think about smoking it

80. Button:
Something that must be pushed, especially if red

81.Button Mold:
What grows on your nice shirts if you don't wash them

82. Buttress:
A female butterfly
Like a mistress but for your butt
What ladies wear that is long an flowing and covers their back side (butt dress)

85. Buzz saw:
What was seen by Edwin Aldrin on the first landing on the moon. What _____

86. Buzz saw:
How a bee cuts wood

87. Byzantine:
Roman in the fall

I've been Bee-zy, but I'll post a few more for good Bee-ness. Since the dictionary ran out of words witha bee that I could make fun of I thought perhaps I could finish off with a spelling Bee of sorts.

88. does a Bee break out in hives??

89. Do Bee matriachs have to worry about beeing drag queens?

90. What is an Apis mellifera's (the scientific name for a bee) favorite online game?

91. What does the relative of a wasp sleep?
When it is her Bee-dtime

92. What was the question on a bumblers math final?
Two Bee or not two bee?

93. Bee paparatzi stay up on the latest buzz.

94. What do you call a clutsy flying insect?
A Bumbling bee

95. Do bees play hive and go seek?

96. Two bees were in a race to a flower?
It was necter necter all the way

97. Do bees go into pollentics?

98. What is a bees favorite piano piece by Chopin?
His pollen-aise

99. What does a bee call an Italian cornmeal dish?

100. Who is an insects favorite blues guitar player?
Bee-Bee King

101. Hive a Great Day!! And remember BEE prepared.


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