Saturday, December 16, 2006

Online quizes are never wrong right?

So if we were to believe the highly reputable source of bored dot com, as to whether I am a boring person or not, I would have to believe:

" I may be termed a Boring person by my peers. This is sometimes because of your non-enthusiasm, dull attitude and old fashioned ways. it would do you good to add some zing to your life!"

There you have it folks, straight from the ehorse's mouth. I am boring. Now for another batch of 101 puns to cheer me up.


Ki said...

Is this where we throw back our heads and laugh? Boring?!? You? I think perhaps this test didn't have questions about your wonderful sense of humor, or your zeal in working with like-minded weirdos.

No, the test is unable to ascertain your flamboyant nature because it is only set to measure the most boring of interesting people.

Boom said...

Thaks I'm touched, I think.