Monday, December 11, 2006

A vote if you will

So previous post proclaimed to the world that I am a kind blog, however after reading my holiday puns some of them are pretty bad. Do I keep the kind blog and try to be even kinder and gentler, is my stuff not as offensive as I am imagining it to be or should I drop the kind blog in shame for miserably failing at my aim of controversial, funny, D&d esques, but never offensive. So vote and I promise there will be no hanging chads here.

1 comment:

Ki said...

Hmmmm. Kind blog with pad puns...I donno. I figured it was a kind blog so long as you didn't mean to be mean. No matter how innocuously you post, someone will be offended. At least at how you spell innoculous. Inocculoussses? In-oc-you-lus? Eh.

And lol/101 -- did we make lol because of 101, or did we antisipate lol and made 101? These are the questions of a great mind.