Saturday, December 09, 2006

So I am a Complete Techno-illiterati

The long and short of it is I think this Lady is trying to do something cool. I support her quest. However, I can't figure out how to post her little deally off in a corner somewhere, so mine will just be smack in the center of my posts. Incidently, I think I can make an exception about speaking harm to no one in order to continue the story of Fitch. He is just too interesting of a character to simply forget about him simply because he has a nasty habit of stabbing monsters from another realm in their backs.

Behold the Kind of logo I like:

1 comment:

My Life said...

If you would still like to put that icon/link in your side bar, let me know and I'll help you do it. :)

*PS the url on the last blog is pushing your sidebar. to the bottom.