Friday, February 16, 2007

A Fitch in Time saves Nine

Listen by
As I tell you why.
Twixt the battles fought o'er the graves,
But before the girl Fitch has to save.
A victory of more undead was Fitch able to boast.
Fought he 'gainst that ghastly host.
A dragon is not one that is easy to kill.
But even rarer is the one that is Undead, sans any frills.
To the death they fought, just for thrills.
Mighty smashes of their tails give Fitch the spills
Not one but two were there,
there to give Fitch and friends quite a scare.
Their fiery breath was no more
So with their razor teeth they tore.
Long against these foes
Dewey, Fitch and the Dorf battered.
Against empty bones blow upon blow clattered.
Making no headway where they,
nearly died and became undead dragon prey.
While The three fellows whacked,
they did not realize that they had been tracked.
Followed were they, by the likes of a high elf.
A great Bowman who thought not of himself.
Allais Bedovar The Unerring.
Joined with us, for he saw our acts of great caring.
Fought with us for he saw our acts of great daring.
So strong of will was he, he could make men cower just by glaring.
Brougth with he, a gnomic Bard.
Though the bard a shortie be, ne'er hath I seen a man fought so hard.
With the addition of elven bow
The bard had naught seen such a glad trio.
Knocked, drew, WHOOSH! Two arrows flew.
Straight and deadly, their path was true.
We had thus nearly died,
but now we had the elf and gnome on our side.
For we were not done yet, for in these parts a great necromancer resides.
As though dragons were not enougha mummified king we had to fight besides.
With flames, and swords, arrows, axes and songs
We launched upon the king all night long.
Erst a while ago
I told you something that just now I did know.
The fact that I am a controller of magical power,
Of this I did learn, only within the last hour.
Right there afore my very eyes,
Much to mine and my friends utter surprize,
A bag that once held dyes,
above the ground it did rise.
Lifting it with my mind.
I realized I had just left ordinary behind.
Though maybe not to kill,
perhaps I could still use this useful skill.
Before the mummy could again attack,
I covered his head with a sack.
while we caught him unawares,
into him with our dirks we did tears.
Break out the marshmallows, for now the mummy was in flames
After that he never quite was the sames.
But, off the mask he tore.
Tossed mi bag to the floor.
For me his eyes spelled doom.
Smacked me so hard he send me across the room.
His rotting visage was filled with hate.
smacked me
so well did he
That briefly I did levitate
Until I hit the wall
Hazy was the rest, for after that I don't remember much at all.
After counteless blows from us adventury chaps,
we finally had that mummy under wraps.
But the news for me,
it wasn't good you see.
After that might thwop,
I had but minutes till I would drop.
For afflicted was I, with Mummy rot.
I had but 5 minutes till dust would I be here upon this spot.
It was really not in my plans
to be turned to sands.
I had my wand for making me invisible,
But Dewey had with him, something even more essential.
Gained in one of Dewey's earlier boughts of sport,
He picked up an amulet of teleport.
Gone in a flash,
he didn't even stop to loot the Mummies cash.
Off he went, ever so quick,
To go find a desk cleric.
A friend he had,
Hoped soon he could get to him, for me it was looking bad.
Oh how Dewey tried.
But on that day I actually died!
An Ego it definately hurts,
To be turned to various dirts.
The gnome wasn't swayed by the hastle.
He was quick to turn my ashes to a sand castle.
That day I suffered from Turrets syndrome.
I just wanted to be me again and go home.
But that day, fortune was with me,
For as you see
I would be lost if the slightest breeze blew.
But Dewey returned with a Cleric to do a resurection true.
From ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Thanking the cleric was now a definate must.
I was dead. I had died.
Yet thanks to a cleric, I had survived.
He did not blame, he did not point fault.
All he asked was for me to find what was hidden in the king's vault.
That vault, much later I would explore.
I would make a discovery worthy of lore.
But the monsters we had to fight there were still more.
Well gaurded was this dungeon.
It was as though the necromancer created concoctions of creatures just for fun.
Before further I should go.
There is this you should know.
I noticed I now had an eerie gray glow.
The others noticed it also.
I discovered when I awoke,
I now had what appeared to be an etherial cloak.
Because I had died,
I was now blessed with a cloak from the other side.
Enrobbed in the garb of a ghost,
for 10 minutes I could turn etherial is now a feet I could boast.
The beloved priest,
I thanked him a thousand times at least.
He could not stay,
it had already been a long day.
He had to go.
It was again the Dewey, Dorf, Fitch and friends show.
Now at last the stage was set.
The girl we could finally get.
We would never have thought,
The strange thing that next befell our plot.
By a minor god we were next waylaid.
Into the hands of the God of luck, like chesspawns we played.
Before we could save the maiden like we sought.
Time temporarily did stop.
Through space and time we were suddenly hurled.
We were now in Luck's gambling world.
But what happened here,
was rather queer.
But later you will have to read,
To find how much more Fitch does bleed.
Read again,
To find how Fitch saves his skin.
Does Fitch give death another try?
Is the maiden saved or does she die?
So, tune in tomorrow,
Find out is it a tale of joy, or of sorrow.

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