Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nuclear Fitch-ion

After all the monster in Luck's house of fun,
Were beaten battered and done.
Went we back through for the hidden clues to mine.
In every room we scoured til trinkets we did find.
They were strange and not quite what we were hopen:
A book that would not open.
The afore mentioned pedal.
A statue of forlorn lovers made of metal.
A matrix of only rows.
A story of no financial woes.
A figure looking ready to fight
It was none other than a minature black knight.
And finally a thorn and stem.
Our task was to put it together and figure out what united them.
Entered we the final room.
Get it right or certain doom.
Solve the riddle on our first try,
or face death himself and die.
All around the room were vials of poison.
But between them, every object you could imagine.
Get the riddle right
And we would leave the room that night.
But if we were wrong.
We would be gone.
All the evidence was plainly there
But we had to select with extreme care.
When it comes to solving riddles I am great.
But how could I unite all of the above eight?
Get it wrong and I am dead.
Ah ha, a book that cannot be read.
The pedal, stem and thorn that comes from a flower.
Black as knight is the key for the figure of power.
No financial woes is a finance all in black.
Flowers no lovers ever will lack.
And a matrix with naught but rows.
To the black rose I goes.
Luck is full of quirks,
But I pulled the flower, and found a key that works.
Thanks to a mind that was deft.
Luck's room of horrors we calmly left.
Since we were the first,
To make it through Luck's worst,
Since we had showed such prowess and such skill.
Luck gave to us what we would will.
I am a rogue, a man born and bred of the sneak attack.
This is hard to do for things with organs and a back lack.
A book filled with ways of striking a fatal blow home.
The material properties tome.
From this book I did learn.
All the secrets I did yearn.
Whether foe be alive or nay,
This book show the sneak attacking way.
The proper blow to proper spot.
And with luck, one successful sneak attack you have got.
All of these were gifts we didn't have to give back.
But I also picked up a Heward's handy haversack.
Dewey wouldn't leave til he'd mastered greater cleave.
Also got Dewey, a potion that would make him more potent than even great Hector.
Through Dewey now coarsed immortal nectar.
Dewey could still be killed,
But that feat was made much harder now that each turn Dewey 10 points would be healed.
Armed we now
With greater gear and a better know how,
We set about to fulfill our vow.
Found out we, that while in the den of luck.
Time that night was stuck.
Frantic were we about how we could save the barkeeps lil' lass
But shocked were we when we found that in the domain of Luck, time does not pass.
So come ye again before the nest spin of this great worl'.
To see if we saved that endangered girl.
Read ye more about the where's and the how,
But just not right now.

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