Thursday, February 22, 2007

The story of the gnome's stick

So when last we'd met
We heard of the druid with wolfy pet.
In those carnivals
Within those castle walls,
More fiends and foes we had to best.
Scores of undead who never rest.
With an undead Troll
we did stroll.
One who just won't die, finally did.
At the site of his armor we almost hid.
But we were fighters and had some class.
We burned his bones, and kicked his... glass.
For this I should tell of this undead trollish guy.
He was so vain, he had a glass eye.
And so when said troll was bagged.
In my bag his eye I dragged.
When behind the next door we heard a rustle,
Into a fight with a troop of undead nymphs we did trustle.
Undead nyphms aren't real cute.
Especially when their rotting flesh makes you want to puke.
In their ability for scandalous seductions.
There was noticable reductions.
With quite a few more oddities we did clash.
Myself, our clan, and Dewey hackenbash.
But the best of all, the legend that will be retold as we grow older
was how I Fitch glued the gnome to the beholder.
A beast once know for its fearsome glares
And angry deathly stares.
Now undead.
Were it not trying to kill us it would have been our friend.
But as it was trying to kill us all.
Him a friend i would not call.
In life he was known for his death rays.
Stun you, kill you, and amaze.
But not reduced to bites,
was how this beholder fights.
Tried to chew upon us.
Wanted he us for our guts.
Tried we to jab
and shoot.
But he did twist, bob, real, dive and swoop.
So a lift by magic I did use.
Tossed a tanglefoot bag and covered the brute in glues.
Now this I did not know,
When the bag I went to throw.
The gnome was hidden behind.
Aw well being glued to the side of the beholder I don't think the gnome will mind.
A sandcastle the gnome made of me besides,
So I glued him to the beholders sides.
Now both were stuck.
The beholder couldn't weave and was easily struck.
But now the gnome was stuck amid the muck.
And when we'd swing,
he tried to sing.
But being glued,
he gave a performance to which we booed.
How he almost died as we did jab.
We almost sent him to the anatomists slab.
But it was the gnome's stick
That allowed us to finish the beholder quick.
Oh and this I should tell.
Of what in each room befell.
In each room we found clues,
but solving them gave us the blues
But listen again all of yous
For I will tell more I promise trues.
But for now I must go.
Read again later for the rest of the show.

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