Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts Attack

Does anyone else ever wonder how the above turned into the below?

And how 1.) came to be symbolized in the middle of February by the below?

And how any of the above came to be associated with love?
Happy Dia de Los Cardiology.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Removing the connecting arteries and veins, the heart DOES somewhat resemble our cultural representative. However, more importantly are the following two connections: Humans stare at butts. This is an experimentally verified truth; Whether male of female, after the face (in our culture) we stare at the butt, and it doesn't matter whether it is male or female or our sexual orientation. An athletic, healthy, naked butt matches the salient features of said icon.

Now, as to how this relates to love, that is obvious. Heart rate and excitement or arousal are intimately (no pun intended!) connected. Thus the connection: Romantic interest leads to increased heart rate which resembles somewhat said heart and resembles somewhat a bodily point of high interest. Culture evolves peculiar habits around said connection.

As for the roses, red = blood = passion, maybe.

Boom said...

The answer has been solved, with no buts about it. Just don't look at mine. Please.