Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Emergent Properties

It has been said that, "all of the world is naught but a business model." I don't know who first said it, but I have said it, so it has been said. But all of business can be boiled down to an application of psychology. This would imply that Our world as we know it is nothing more than a study of the mind and how people work. Hmmm interesting, a thought to be pursued later, but for now my errant parsimonifcations shall continue. Psychology is nothing more than an application of the principles of biology. So maybe Earth is nothing more than 1 big living organism and we are merely the enzymes and proteins in it. We ARE the catalysts of change. The Earth works with or without us. When we are dead and gone and extinct as a species I am fairly confident that our dear beloved Earth will still be here. Whether we are or not. So maybe the Earth can be describes as a single living organism a giant cell floating adrift in the cosmos. This idea is not unique. Though interesting, it has been thought of before. In 1978 James Lovelock proposed the Gaia hypothesis claiming that all of Earth could be thought of as alive, I like the idea, I think I agree with him, but that is not the purpose of my ramblings here. All of Earth can be thought of a living system, but as I recall most of biology is but an application of chemistry. So Earth has been reduced once again. Now the ecosystems that make up this blessed Earth comprised of organisms niches and their interactions is but chemistry. electrons provide the energy. Organisms provide the energy of change. Symbiosis is but a covalent bond where the energy of the two is shared. Parasitism is closer akin to a dipole moment, one sharing unequally with its partner. Predation perhaps is an Ionic bond. The energy of one life lost to power the demands of another. Ions electrons that are not worth the energy to keep, these are life's evolutions our traits lost or gained over time. Such that the long proboscis of the elephant is the cation of time, while the coccyx is the anion of man. A niche is the conditions for a reaction to take place. What then is a reaction? Perhaps a reaction is a metaphor of the afterlife, if there is one. We the products of Genes and the environment are really the reactants of time and space, changed when we die, when we have added sufficient energy to the reactions we have created. We we have overcome our inhitions and passed to the other side of the equation, able to look back at our reactants changed in some way now a product of the universe. Life and death are naught but chemistry, so some would say. But the fact of the matter is that chemistry itself is nothing more than an application of physics. And so the random reactions and combinations of we as molecules in this our vast universe, are but the bulk properties of thermo dynamics. Our free will when aggregated over the myriads of our kind is naught but an orderly progression ever adhering to the rules. What one atom does is entirely unknown, but how the mass diffuses can be predicted to the nth degree. Our free wills are the thermodynamics of the universe, each our own and yet a property entirely predictable. Matter can never be created nor destroyed, energy can only be changed. Life exists after death, but in what form, that is unknown. But let us pause here for a minute, for our endless exercise in simplification is not yet done. For what is physics but an application of, and put purpose to, the finest of mathematical equations. Equations determined from the beginning of time, predicting the entire future of the universe, and yet these systems of non-linear mastery, are not static in nature. They are dynamic changing, moving flowing. We are the deterministic products of of a random world. We are both free willed and determined. The ultimate chaos game in motion. Sierpinski triangles are we. Determined form the beginning, but through a path unknown. But curiously from this reduction ad absurdum, art emerges. There is a beauty in all things, an inherent sense of worth. To see the art is to see the whole. To see what beauty has sprung forth out of our ever descending hole. But let me ask you now what is art if not a test of the psyche? What is life? What is art? What is this universe that we live in? Is it biology, is it psychology? Is it art? Is it chemistry? Is it math, is it physics? It is all I say to thee. It is all.


~ said...

you totally wanted to just babble on and on. You had no direction for that... I don't mind particularly I liked it even if it didn't say anything. I am definitely guilty of the same.

Boom said...

So are you saying the meat of what I was talking about just sort of emerged, from chaos you might say? ;)