Monday, October 01, 2007

Equations of the Univer part 1

I came up with this quite some time ago. I don't know if I have already posted this or not, but the idea is essential for my next post, so enjoy this is the precursor for what follows.
So first of all here's the line of thinking that lead up to my grand
discovery. I was walking out of the bookstore and I saw a poster
advertising the US Marines. The ad ran something like this Superior
Thinking always exceeds superior man power. This lead me on a math
quest plotting thought power versus man power and integrating the
thing. Also if taken as a system thought power and man power is an
unstable dynamic. A positive feedback loop is created if thought goes
from an individual to a group, whereas a negative feedback occurs if
the reverse is traveled. Any way, from this I began thinking What was
the total power of man power and thought power. My thinking was thus
and for 2 hours now I have yet to find a hole in my logic (you are all
welcome to help look(Tear his theory down bwa ha ha ha! I know is what
you all should be thinking.)) Anyway, power is work divided by time.
P=W/T. The magnitude of work is simply the magnitude of the force
time the distance. W=Fd And Force is the Mass times the Acceleration.
And mass is simply the quantity of the something you have. putting it
all together one gets Power equals
))/Time or P=MAD/T. Now let us consider
this equation for ideas. Now ideas may have mass based on the number
of ions that passed through you brain to make that idea, but let us
instead replace mass with "the effect that an idea has (E)" Since mass
is just how much of something you have how effective an idea is is
roughly equivilent to how massive it is (its a stretch but roll with
me) Thus P=EAD/T Now distance divided by time is the velocity we can
then replace d/t with V. Leaving
us P=EAV. Now momentum, once going how hard is it to stop, is
mass times the velocity MV remembering we substitiuted E for M thus EV
gives us the intelectual momentum how hard an idea is to stop once it
has been unleashed. Acceleration can be thought of as how much was
accomplished how fast. And intellectual power can be defined as what
is the lasting effect of this idea. This generalizes to How long and
idea will continue over time Times the ammount achieved over time
equals the impression left . Both of these together are what makes an impression.
If there is 0 quality it does not matter the quantity you will still
go nowhere. But, if there is an imense quantity times even a little
quality a big impression will be made. Now let's explore and see if
this concepts works in more than just theory. Puns, which is
remembered longer a person who tells one really really really funny
joke, or the person who tells 12,000 somewhat funny jokes? Who becomes
more famous the person who composes one great work or the person who
composes thousands of songs and if those songs are of any qualitiy
that person becomes a legend e.g. Motzart, Beethoven et al. Consider
also politics. If you know no one of power (quality) you will not get
elected. But the more people you know (quantity) the more likely you
will leave an impression. In general the many oft outway the few.
Non point source pollution (polution from every one(quantity) out
weighs the larger more noticeable pollutants of the few (quality).
Microscopic algae produce individually much less oxygen than their
larger counterparts, but their are far more of them. It is the many that are
important and not the few. To become famous you must accomplish much
in a short time rather than one grand idea. It is easier to have a
higher Intellectual acceleration than Intellectual momentum for the same
impression (fame). I invite you to debunk my scheme. Good luck,
accomplish much!


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Wow. That's pretty good.

So what about this guy I know who produces bad puns on a per-minute basis?

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You rang?

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A special thanks is in order for both of my friends Tim and Syhalla, for they have pointed out a slight flaw in my post. Thank you. The current revision should fix that.