Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So Umm...

1. my last post was number 200 yay! 2. I have over 1,000 page visits according to Mr. Sitemeter. 3. I really don't think it is that great an idea to use ALL of your senses in writing.

When she waltzed into the room, the first stimulus of the telerecoptors, his photosensing organs quickly reached threshold potential sending the depolarization wave of the sodiums and potassiums through the retina and into the optic ganglion again triggering the pulse of ions familiar to her form. This wall of charge hopped along the myelinated schwann cells as it passed into the occipital lobe and was there relayed into the prefontal cortex for conscious cognition of her beauty. Following the Axon potential chain triggered by the retina, next came the stimulus of the chemoreceptors in his olfactory bulb and the susequent triggering of his memories he had locked away deep inside his hypothalamus. As he possessed neither a vomero nasal organ nor the ampullae of lorenzini his exogenous thermo receptors did not pick up on the increased temperature of the room when she entered, not having the appropriate elctro or magnetoreceptors he could not detect the electrical and magnetic stimuli of her ever so subtle sino-atrio palpitations. Though being highly attuned to his own endogenous aortic baroreceptors his afferent neurons picked up the impulse, carried it to medulla oblongata this triggered an increase in heartrate and corresponding blood pressure levels. The enervations of the gastrointestinal system merrily fired away, triggering the hypothalamus to secrete its hormone levels, the stomach sufficently parastaltated began turning knots. He desperately hoped that she might at least be faintly cognizant of his proprio receptors. How more polymodal could his senses be? When she left without saying anything it was then that the membrane potentials of his nociceptors surged strong.

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