Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And so it begins


And there you have it. My official posting for this the first day of November. It has begun. I have official been sucked deep into the madness of forced updates daily for the sole fact of saying I did it. Great. Whoopi. My homework is SOOOO going to tank this month, but I cannot deny the wills of master Yoda. Incidently if he is found roaming through Vienna, is he an Austria Yoda-ler? Uh,Sorry for that, but my header warned that there was a risk of such puns leaping out and destroying your precious brain cells. You have entered at your own peril. To prove my point, did you know I collect cards, I have Chewbacca's wookie card. I rest my case. ... Til tomorrow.


Ki said...

YEA!!! More Boom posts! YEA!!!!

Boom said...

Master Yoda asks me to tell you his home: