Friday, November 17, 2006

Part 2-3: End of the twos, battle of the Ooze

In telling the tale
of my epic peril,
I became so enrapt.
A large part of mi own story I have gaped.
I'll tell you know howI almost did loose,
An engulfing enounter with an ooze.
I will expound upon my goblin fable.
By telling what took place under the table.
But first about the ooze I hollowed.
I could not move after I was swallowed.
But fortunate for me,
From previous battles, a double-headed axe of flame had Dewey.
The wretched blob, it swallowed me.
Ere was I immobile for what bethoughts I all eternity.
Well Dewey the fighter.
His keen axe, it grew brighter.
In a flash,
An arc that was a slash
Clove great Dewey Hackenbash.
The cube wobbled and quivered.
I drew my bow and again the cube was quivered.
The shot did pierce. The ooze was shivered.
Only for a while was I stopped.
Just until that cube was dropped.

Now just before,
I was gooed to the floor
Yon afore that, with a goblin party
we did parley.
We'd interrupted their sumtious feasts.
For revenge they tore into us like they did their savage beasts.
Under the furniture I did tumble.
The goblins they were ready to rumble.
As to where exactly I did go
They didn't care, but the chair they did throw.
Not seeing me, the goblins I did surprize.
drew my bow and pierced them betwixt the eyes.
They did drop.
Their hair we did use as a mop.
After we'd unleashed our arrows.
It could be said we were regarded as heros.
For it was here
over a good beer
The dwarf we heard
from a tight hovel we pulled him by his beard.
Imprisoned was he without any meade.
Joyous was he when freed.
More than you or I would think,
This merry minner dwarf did drink.
The weapons of this portly chap
For his profession, they were quite apt.
A tower shield
and choice of two sharpened shovels he did wield.
He was set loose.
He had avoided a hanging and a noose.
We entered a party of two, we left a party of three.
The Dwarf, Dewey, and then there was me.

Come again tomorrow there is still more.
After this much we did explore.

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