Monday, November 20, 2006

Part 3: Dwarf freed, Celebrate with a tankard of mead

Aprendes the dwarf we did meet.
His runemaster friends we did greet
A blade with greater cleave
With Dewey they did leave.
Strange trinkets the mage masters sought.
Things they that could not be bought.
What would fill their bag of tricks
Ear of ogre, and toenail of gargoyle were thrown in the mix.
For saving their friend in his time of need,
loaded us with loot did they indeed.
In exchange for a gargoyle toe,
I got a flame bringing bow.
Il Farhendum: Bringer of the Inferno
A mighty bolt of fire this would throw.
What else was crafted by these master wizards?
A blade blessed by blizzards.
Isenghast: Frozen blade,
Greatest rapier ever made.
Into battle forges this blade of frost,
Many it has won, but few it has lost.
Dewey the fighter,
In his new magic armor he gleamed even brighter.
Other gifts we received
One had not to be seen to be believed.
The gift was a wand;
With a wave of a hand.
From the site the weilder would abscond.
vanish outright from the land.
What was this gift that was given to me?
A wand of lesser Invisibility.
Gifts- there were two other things.
Most masterfully forged healing rings.
50 charges had they,
but only usable a certain number of times per day.
Not entirely free were these epic stores.
Promised we to do what we could in ade against the orc wars.
So ere left we to the runeing mastsers,
Left them to ward off their own disasters.
Our new found gear we did stowe.
Oft to battle we were set to go.
Anon our heroes met their next fork
What to do about a band of orc?
Tune in again on the week's second day
To find out how this battle did play.
Will they find danger or will they find the way?
How will they do in their orcish foray?
Read again
It is only then you will find how it will end.
Tune in tomorrow,
beit for battle or for sorrow.

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