Thursday, November 16, 2006

Part 2: The second- About that Dwarf

When last we left,
A door we'd yet to cleft.
The implement of dirt,
sharpened and wielded to hurt,
we had not found
this tool of the ground.
Neither the escapeds of the hall
nor the Dwarf welled up in the wall.
When last we met
The oaken door was set.

The door, staunch and strong it stood.
Crafted only of the finest wood.
The handle, it was locked.
Our way was blocked.
A stern barrier imposed,
Iron barred and resolutely closed.
Wiggled with a pick,
just to hear that opening click.
But alas, this was no or'inry portal.
Blocked not by the hand of any mortal.
OPEN and we'll be polite!
But this door, it wanted a fight.
Axe and ye shall receive.
Dewey splintered the door like you wouldn't believe.
Opening this door was a skill I did lack.
So Dewey drew his blade and gave it a whack!

We had made our way ins.
But ere before our eyes
what did we behold--much to our surprize.
The way was watched by a ward of Goblins.
The door--
we did floor.
The goblins too--
Them we slew.
Naught but later that night
We found ourselfs in yet another fight.
Who was the next of foe,
the ones brave enough to give us a go?
A pack of demon rodents-
They felt our blades and we proved them impodent.
We did what we do best
We slew the monsterous beasts and took the golden chest.
Even the 'counter twixt me and the bugbear,
Wasn't enough to give me a scare.
My aim was to kill the thing.
His aim was to fling.
He flung, I flew.
He won, but I got him too.
Of dying I went through the motions.
But fortune was with us, for Dewey had some potions.
After our battles in this world we did find.
Our blades were dull. So we had an axe to grind.
While we were so engrossed,
We met not other than our host.
Who did stroll?
Twas none other than a 10 foot tall angry troll.
After quickly dispatching
the one who thought we were tresspassing,
Further our skills we did hone.
We came upon the room with a throne.
Not a dungeon at all.
But rather the common room of a great hall.
How could such a palace be,
magical as this, yet unbeknownst to me?
Twas a place were trolls and demons persist,
A place were any sort of beast does exist.
A vile darkness armed to the teeth,
all of it lying just beneth.
A whole other world,
bidding its time, and waiting to be unfurled.

Gazed we now upon two senturies.
How they looked as though they'd stood for centuries.
Two Gargoyles cast in stone.
These were the gaurdians of the throne.
RAAR! In an instant alive and awake they became.
Killing us, Ay, that one goes the game!
And so we faught
but we had the advantage on them, for before they woke
thanks to a rope we had them in a knot.
This they of course broke.
Tore through with the grusome appendages,
That sprouted forth from their horrid visages.
Their teeth they gnawed and gnashed.
But me with my sword I jabbed and I slashed.
Dewey, he swung and he smashed.
After our rath the gargoyles both were trashed.
Twixt they were tied.
and twixt they died.
Great was before,
but now my deeds were the stuff of lore.
Shortly after the gargs' could take no more.
We heard the cries of a dwarf--Yea a dwarf, one straight from yore.

Read again and you shall find about how he joined our corps.
So tune in the next day of this week.
And you shall find more of the story you seek.
I have to go.
But of Fitch there is still more to know.

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