Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Part 2: Shovels, Hovels, and a Tightly Packed Dwarf

Last we'd met, the story we'd cleft
After meeting our hero we abruptly left.
There is more he had to say
So it will come forth in this way.

Now along one day,
While I was ponderings,
Who did but brey,
Thus interrupting my wanderings?
With none other I did clash,
Than mi ole mate, Dewey Hackenbash.
It was not but later that day,
A gargoyle I did slay.
But the great stone beast,
was not my first foe,
Nay not in the least.
One of many others who sought my woe.

I met with he.
He and me became we.
As we talked
We also walked.
We took that tern,
And ambled we across the sandy berm.
What was it that lay just around the bend?
A vile ambush sought our end.
A troop of Kobolds,
My might extoled.
With a swing of an axe
Dewey had them on their backs.
After sending them to the floor,
It was then, we noticed the door.


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Ki said...

I like the poems, but dude -- your geekdom has just reached whole new levels.