Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Part 4: The orcish war

Those rascally rogues.
They wandered the land in droves.
Rapists, plunders, and pillagers
Murdered and stole from the villagers.
With their wicked convoy
They did burn the land and destroy.
After a town they had sacked.
Their victims lay tortured with agony wracked.
The more their numbers grew,
The more denizens they slew.
And so we snuck upon a band
Not until we had them surrounded was the battle at hand.
I used the wand of invisibility
cast the spell so they could not see me.
To enwrap the squadrons
of the rapscallions,
To ensnare the lot with rope,
That was my aim and my hope.
To run the rope around them all,
Pull it tight, trip their legs, and watch them fall.
That was the plan,
But Dewey was born and bread a fighting man.
He had his fun
And finished them off afore I was done.
With much leity,
Dewey made of the orcs in their entirety
And did so with much brevity.
Smacking orcs hard enough they defied gravity.
An orge as their lead,
He was the last obstacle that did impede.
Took off did he.
Rampaging through the brush, flattening the tree.
Him we did track.
Following his evidences was easy--their was no lack.
Deep, deep into the forest,
he did lure us.
Only over his dead body would his loot he leave.
Gold, diamonds and gems we did retrieve.
Possessions of the villages we unanimously said.
But upon our returning.
We found the hamlets burning.
And as for the villagers they were all dead.
We did not want to waste.
So the items owners we took their place.
And in the town we we did the selling.
A bar fight we found compelling.
but tomorrow you'll have to tune
to hear our tale of the fight in the barroom.

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