Monday, November 13, 2006

A bit of a mean streak

So for today's post I decided I would try something a little different... So what I am going to do next is so ghastly unspeakable I am going to write it in code. Now because I do actually want you to read this, So I don't want to make it too hard. Here's the key a=q, b=v, c=s, d=t, e=e, f=g, g=f, h=w, I will also equal s and will be distinguished by context, j=4, k= + , L = l. By now the pattern should be clear and I will leave the rest for you to figure out.

Asd + Hoen 564't squire nsvsd fghei lm andi bthe oxirn 12~dc. Eh diesn owoeunbx werywe.

You like? I should also inform you of a fact of which any good coder is aware--The spacing may or may not be a decoy. Enjoy. Good luck with it. If you want to participate please feel free to join in. Oh and there's no gaurantee on the order either though it should be mostly right.


Boom said...

So have you got it yet? Need a hint? Rearrange the letters especially the first and last ones it might help.

Boom said...

Still haven't got it we'll by now you should probably hear the truth. More hints aren't going to help. I really do hope you haven't spent too much time on this because it was originally a joke. The code really doesn't say anything. That's right its entirely random. For any whose life I have just wasted I really apologize about that, but here's the really great thing you can now get someone else back by having them try it. Once again sorry about that but note the title of today's post.

I'll have something real posted later today.

Ki said...

John, John, John. Did you know people like you die horrible death by those who are considered "Quite" by their co-workers?

Just thought I'd let ya know.

Besides, if you want code, go try decifering my philosophical blog.