Saturday, November 11, 2006


So four times now I have recieved the post "Hey nice blog!..." I am flattered by the compliment, but from there its all downhill. The anonymous blogger then has the audacity to ADVERTISE in MY domain! Suggesting that I can make upwards of 800$ or more per month (though they never tell you that you will actually make substantially less). Well I couldn't help myself with the 800$ a month I could be making if I sold my soul to advertising and allowed annoying pop-ups. I gave in and did... NOTHING! You will note the shiny new lack of any corporate logos. Then off to the left is the YOU MIGHT BE A WINNER!!!! not flashing or making anyone sick. If you go to my November posts section you will not see a fun little game where you try to hit a duck with a target on it. Nor will you see bugs to be swatted or even the BMW with rain on its windshield. For 800$ a month, or as much as I make during 5 weeks at the planetarium or half of what I get at summer camp, I couldn't refuse not having free gifts for filling out surveys nor could I not resist trying to guess which celebrities torso this is. I wanted nothing to do with fastclick.whatever or castlemedia. I don't even care about finding those I graduated with. I know what happened to her, I can guess what happened to him. Sadly I gave up and haven't won a free gift certificate to chili's, I don't have a customizable IPOD. And the realy big ones that aren't here sorry for anyone looking for such things, even for 800$/ month, you aren't going to find any Cialis, levitra, Viagra, Viagra look alikes but spelled differents, There will be no talk of how happy you can make your woman or how she will love you or improving anything below your belt. The only thaings that will be longer and harder allowed on this blog are calculus problems and possibly running, as one of my best friends is attempting to run the world (?) with a two year old et al. Sadly, but even for 800$/ month there will be no credit score checks, travelocity ads, or buying a house done on my webpage! So sorry anonymous, I am not intersted! If you could take yours and all your friends spam and SHOVE IT! I would be much obliged.

P.S. Thanks again for the compliment.


Ki said...

YEa!!!!! Yea!Whoooowhoooo!Yeah!

Applause. Applause.

Anonymous said...

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