Friday, November 24, 2006

Part 6: Stocks and bonds

In through the front door
What a bore.
Now that's my stop
To the roof of the jail I threw the grappling hook.
And not a sec la'er a man did pass clearly thinking I was a common crook.
So conviced him I did , that I was not a crook but merely a street performer.
Disappearing a grappling hook is a tall order.
So, from an extension of a trick I'd learned in a book
I disappeared that grappling hook.
Wow that's quite the trick.
But if you're a street proformer with just one you're pretty thick.
I wanna see another.
And this one should be even better.
A grappling hook I'd vanished up my sleeve,
And this chap wasn't satisfied, How I wised he'd just leave.
Of my tricks, I'd just run out.
I decided there was only one way to deal with this lout.
I threw him a punch and hoped it would land him square.
I missed it was nothing but air.
When I swung he just wasn't there.
He fights dirty and that wasn't fair.
So off fled he.
To tell the gaurds of the city.
And now it gets exciting.
Three minutes to be in and out before there is fighting.
So the hook I did hurl.
Around a fixture on the roof it did curl.
Before much further I will go.
The lodgings of my friends this you should know.
The second floor of the Tavern of the barkeep,
Dewey and the Dwarf Ulfgarr did sleep.
While they somnabulised
The jail I attempted to burgalize.
Up the rope I did shimmy.
Open the window I did jimmy.
Escape I did not.
It was an inscape I sought.
Fortuitously I am skinny
From an outty I was now an innee.
To avoid beeing seen
I used the wand and gave myslf an invisible scheen.
The proceedings of the town and what they did post,
These where what I wanted most.
You'll find it quite a relief
To know that I Jytan Fitch am an honest theif
The log I did retrieve,
But a note I did leave.
The book I dist borrow,
"Ever so sorry for your sorrow.
I promise to return it upon the morrow."
The gaurds were back it was time to go.
And so I hid under the stairs.
Even while invisible sought to, avoid their stares.
To create a distraction
I needed to take action.
Against the door the chair I threw.
Back to the roof , like the wind I flew.
Down the rope and to the room next door.
Escaping the gaurds would be my next chore.
Of me
Briefly they did see.
As I was coming off the roof.
Off my invisiblity did poof!
Now the chase was on
From the scene did I abscond.
Lest to the gaurds I wanted to meet my ends.
My only hope was to find my friends.
Oh how they were hot upon my tail.
Fortunately even this cowards courage did not fail.
Up the stairs I stomped.
Fast behind the gaurds they tromped.
Chaotic good I am, but that don't mean I ain't a liar.
I snapped a smokestick and shouted FIRE!
Amid Panic and chaos I did run.
Unfortunately Time I didn't have to watch the fun.
To the window the grappler was sent.
Told me friends and down we went.
Left our coins for the rent.
Alas now our money was spent.
But down the rope we flew.
Myself, The dwarf, and Dewey Too.
The rope was strong.
But the window didn't last long.
Down we would crash.
Me, the dwarf, and finally Mr. Hackenbash.
You needn't worry at all.
None of them got hurt, I broke their fall.
A head ache I had that would have required pills.
No time for that we headed for the hills.
From the mix
Because of our tricks.
We tried hard.
And fortunately we lost the city gaurd.
After a time we were freed.
So the book I sat down to read.
Tales of illicit romance
every record of who did prance.
And more important, much information we did gleam.
From our book stealing scheme.
Night did fall.
Our so comfortable stoney beds did call.
And so we slept.
Except for Me, Fitch who after reading tales of forlorn love--wept.
In the morn when we were rested.
My thieving skills again would be tested.
Twas enough of a sin simply breaking in.
But I Fitch, I had to do it again.
The book I said I would return.
I would place it right back next to the Urn.
Ah but thanks to the note I left, Now they were expecting.
Much harder would it be when they are actively protecting.
Tune in on the next sun.
To find more of Fitch's fun.
It is a whole other tale
Of whether I did succed or if I did fail.
Did Fitch pick the locks,
Or does he end up in the stocks?
Read again and you shall see,
Just what is the fate that befalls me.

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Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.