Monday, November 27, 2006

Ways to tell that you are definately NOT an ART Major.

You have ever walked into your school's art building and building and ever muttered any of the following:

or Whatever!?

If you have never paid more than 700$ for something a kindergartener could do, nor ever wanted to you, you definately are NOT an art major.

If you cannot BS at least a 2 page explaination of the significance of the piece you are looking at, its history and vital importance in the XY and Z cultural movements. Then you are definately NOT an art major.

If your classroom has chairs that are a shade, hue, subset/whatever of grey, and NOT one of the primary colors, then you might not be an art major.

If even after hearing the interpretation of the "masterpiece" you still think it looks like a box, you may not be an art major.

If you have never used the words Philistene, or "under appreciated talent" then you may be a candidate for Not being an art major.

If you either A. have no clue orB. Don't care that you have no clue as to what exactly a neoclassical movement is or how it differs from Baroque, Romantic, Rococco, Queen Anne style, or for that matter any other subtle distinction made over which colors and poses were used, then you might be something other than an art major.


If you have ever had the urge to move ever so slightly just one of ANY of the pieces o so perfectly arranged, just to see what they would do or if they would even notice, then you might not be an art major.

If the outfit you wear to school has fewer than 300 colors you might not be an artist.

If you have never brought a ridiculously large thin bag to school that will never fit anywhere you might not be an artist.

If your are laughing at any of these.

If this list hasn't offended you, and I am not on your black list because of this--Then you might not be an art major.

Note of appeasement to the art majors out there: Please don't kill me, I really didn't mean it.

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