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101 Art and Architecture puns

101 Art and Architecture puns

1. Where did a mother grab the cathedral?
By the nape of the neck

2. What do the paintings of George Seurat have in common with a
vector? They are both dot products

3. What is the motto of French impressionist painters?
Seurat Seurat

4. Which barnyard animal is a famous painter?
Vincent van Goat

5.How are architecture students told to leave?
They are shown the dooric

6. Which type of column has a charge?

7. What type of pillars are found near printing presses?
Newspaper Columns

8. What drink is drunk by architecture students in the summer?

9. What do young girl artists play with?
Their Dalis

10. Why did the French art museum close?
A lack of Monet

11. What is a toddling artist's first words?

12. Why did the 1700s artist apply for a loan?
he was baroque

13. Which mid 1700s art specialised in anatomy?

14. What style of painting is popular in Russia?

15. What is the favorite type of art for a geologist?

16. What do barn animals paint with?

17. Who is the favorite poet of Robert Frost?
The Rhodin less traveled

18. How do artists flavor their food?
With Cezanne-ings

19. If artists have a late night craving for "The Scream", do they
have the Munch-ies??

20. Which spatter painter was known for his paintings of trees?
Jackson Polloak

21.What style of office paintings did Picasso develop?
Cubicle ism

22. Who is a famous barnyard painter?
Pablo Pigcaso

23. What is a favorite oriental game among 1800s artists?
Van Go

24. If Van Gogh were alive today, what might the title of his
autobiography be called?
The Starry of my life

25. Who is a smooth talking art detective featured on the radio show
St. Paul Sunday?
Guy Renoir

26. Who painted the tessellating hydrocarbon?
M.C. Ester

27. What was an inspirational art movie staring Denzel Washington as
an African American Football coach?
Rembrandt the Titans

28.If a famous American architect had a brother would they have been
the Wright brothers??

29. What neurological disorder might you find on a castle?

30. Why are you likely to find pools of melted dairy products near some castles?
Because they have flying Butter-esses

31. Where do felines hold worship?
In a Cat-thedral

32. Why do churches smell funny?
All the pews

33. Do cathedrals have an Altar ego??

34.Why is Paris considered the land of Amore?
It is the city of Louvre

35. What is another drink ordered by artists?
A Madonna on the Rocks shaken but not stirred

36. What is a famous circular museum in New York devoted to Internet
search engines?
The Googlenheim

37. What do you call someone who has gone In-Seine in Paris?
A raving Louvre-natic

38. How does an architecture student communicate with people?
You gotta column

39. What is a popular toy for budding tessellation artists?
The Escher sketch

40. Escher! Bless You

41. Why did the artist paint himslef blue?
He was very self azured

42. Why did the critic not like the cubist post modern self portrait?
The artist had pink eye

43. Why was the artist afraid?
He was yellow

44. What do artists and forklifts have in common?
They both use palattes

45. What do the people of the back woods in Australia and artists both fear?
Brush fires

46. The artist had a stroke.

47. The artists had a fit, he trew a tempura tantrum.

48. Why do artists flock to polluted water ways?
To see the water colors

49.What is the oppociet of hardle?

50. Which color is a talk show host?
Ochre WInfrey

51. Which university did the color brown go to?

52. What does an artist have in common with a detective? One
investigates a crime scene the other investigates a crimson

53. What is a painters favorite type of music?
The Blues

54. Who is a famous canine TV show for artists?
Rin Tint-in

55. Which artist owns play boy?
Hue Heffner

56. What did the artist do when asked to draw the shades??

57. What do cathedrals cook with?

58. What did the artist say when he finish his Bas carving?
What a relief

59. What si the favorite color of a wizard?

60. What type of art does a scientist collect?
Dada (data)

61. Why can't you trust an artist?
Because they are shadey characters

62. Statue! Bless you

63.The artist was framed.

64.How do Japanese artists bid farewell?

65.Catagories that didn't work:
Rhymes with either Orange, purple, or silver

66.Wha tdo you call a young artist?
An Inkling

67. If Ansel Adams were alive today what would he used local area
computer networks for?
To take LAN-scape photos of

68.What is the answer to every art geography question?
Latex heat

69. When artists get old, are they put out to pastel??

70. How do we know people who have almost died will become artists?
Because they have had a brush with death

71 How do cowboy artists have fun?
They go to a Rhodin-o

72. What country in Africa is named for a color?
Sienna Leone

73. What market do pastel artists buy sell and trade in?
The Chalk market

74. What is a pastel artist favorite oriental dish?
Chalk suey maybe chalk liver

75. Which city is a very plain shade of brown?

76. How do artists greet one another?

77. How do artists declare peace?
With a char-truce

78. Why did the artist paint himself rubescent?
To be well red

79. The paint bucket had mixed reviews

80. What si the nemisis of an aquiduct?
His Arch rival

81. What do you get if you cross a famous artist with a foamous painting?
The Monet Lisa

82. Why did the artist take a leak?
When ya gotta Van Gogh ya gotta Van Gogh

83. What do you call a puzzle box made by a dutch painter?
The Rubens Cube

84. Whcih artist is central to teh plot of the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

85. Which artist hosts Local Area Network parties?

86. Which artist is popular in Utah?

87. Which Belorussian Jesih Painter is actually a bird?
Marc Cha-gull

88.Which artist should you use to put holes in leather?
A Chag-awl

89.Disney made a movie about a Belorusian Jewish Painter?
It was called the Chagall Dog

90. What was the book Oscar Wilde wrote about an 1880s German artist?
The Importance of Being Ernst

91. Why would it be a good idea to make a structure out of the works
of a 16th century German artist?
Because it has good Durer-bility

92. What do you get if you mix an android with a 1400s Flourintine painter?
A Robotticelli

93. Why did Henry the VIII keep going after the leading thinkers of his day?
He wanted More.

94. Why didn't Gutenburg ever paint?
He had pressing demands

95. Why did Rembrandt fade in and out of popularity?
I guess you Rijn some you loose some

96. How do artists lift something heavy?
With a Dali

97. Why type of meat and cheese on bread do artists eat?
A Dali sandwich

98. How does an Artist reactive to a very beautiful lady?
They go Gaugain

99. Why type of implement do mining artists use?
A Pick-axe-o

100. How did Disney's Snow White dealt with artists?
Miro, Miro who is the Fairest of Chagall

101. I know, I know these jokes were just Paint-ful, but Gaugain in peace.

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