Thursday, September 28, 2006

Anatomy Jokes, The final cut

101 Anatomy Jokes

1. why did the person fail the cadaver lab?
She just couldn't cut it

2. Why isanatomy so hard?
Because the professor is really sternum

3. Who is this book written for?

4. Why are tails so mean?
they just need to be caudaled

5.Why is the spinal column so audacious?
Because he's got nerve

6. Why is the eye like the moon?
They're both in orbit

7.Which part of the human anatomy is president of the galaxy?
Xiphoid Beeblebrox

8.Which part of your anatomy was a the king of rock and roll?
Pelvis Presely

9.I never metatausal I didn't like

10.What are the epic poems about the pelvic region
The Illiac and the oddysey

11.If you cut someone's lower back are you then a lumbar jack?

12. What are these jokes not?
They are not humerus

13.What squaking gland of the digestive tract does long john silver
have on his shoulder?
The parot-id gland

14. In What do you entomb a mummy's throat?
Its sar-esophagus

15.What do you find on tacky tourist anatomy t shirts?
Spleen there got the Tshirt

16.Why must you never loose you fatty fold near you intestines?
Because of the law of conservation of omentum

17. What punctuation mark can be found in the body?
The colon

18.What did the anatomist do to his cars?

19.What part of the digestive tract was named after a famous
psychologist of the 1800s?
Sigmoid freud

20 Did you know there is an old James Bond movie named after a part of the body?
Liver let die

21.If you see a organ flying overhead what is it?
A gull bladder

22. How do you climb a body?
With a step bladder

23.Who did the colon-ol marry?
His beloved Gal-bladder

24 Name a lymphoid movie star?
Charlie Spleen

25.How do muscles go up and down?
In levators

26. Where do skeletal muscles dispose of their solid wastes?
In levatories

27.What is the main act in an anatomical circus?
The man on the flying trapezius

28.What do you call someone mining minerals on someones chest?
A pros-pectoralis an old black and white holywood horror film named after a
muscle near the arm?
Nos-serratus (nosferatus was a vampire movie)

30.Which muscle will freshen your breathe?
The altoids

31. What muscle can be found in mississippi/
The mississippi river deltoid

32. What do you call an enemy's police force?
The oponens Pollicis

33.The oponens Pollicis?
Is the anatomy from Poland?

34.How do you hold muscles together?
With super gluteus

35.What muscle will solve profound mathematical equations?
A Riemann Tensor

36.If an anatomist is kidnapped by aliens what does he/she say?
I was adductored by aliens

37. Why is anatomy so hard?
Because its subject matter is so vastus

38.What muscle was a leader of Argentina in the 1940s?
Evita Peroneus

39.How do you confort a grieving muscle?
give them soleus(solace)

40.What do you call something made up by a muscle?
A hallucis-nation

41.What do anatomists store fluids in?
A jugular trunk

42.Michael Crighton wrote a book about dinosaurs in an anatomy lab,
what was it called?
Thorasic park

43.Name a movie about anatomy starring Whoopi Goldberg?
Cistern act

44.What is a lymphatic exclaimation of intelligence?
Inguinious (ingenious)

45.What gland is responsible for hocking luggies?
The spituitary

46.Parsley, sage, rosemary , and thymus

47.Why was the endocrine student so upset?
He failed a teste

48.How did the doctor diagnose the comatose patient?
It was a no brainer

49.What is the favorite music structure of an anatomist?
Anything with Spinal chords

50.What is the unholy nerve?
The one that is sacral-igious to speak of

51.What nerve is the favorite nerve among the forelorn?
The sigh-atic

52.Which arteries have gender?
The male and femoral arteries

53.Why was the boy nerve attracted to the girl nerve?
Because of her cutaneous

54. Why was the nerve always upset?
Its just surally (surly)

55. Why can you never undestand neural art?
Its just sural (surreal)

56. What was the knight of the nerves known as?

57.What nerve sell peanuts?

58.Where will you find a vegetable in your body?
In your carrot id artery

59.Where will you find a chirping insect inside your body?
In the cricoid artery

60. Was was anatomy called in world war II?
The battle of the axilla and allies

61. What many armed monster attacked tokyo?

62. Axilla questions you want I'll answer em

63. What do you call a back up arm?

64. Name another anatomical herb/

65. What animal if you look it directly in the eye will turn you to stone?
A Basilic (basilisk)

66. Which artery is a famous golfer?
arnold Palmar

67.Where can you go spelunking in a human?
In the vena cava (spelunking is also known as caving)

68.What flower is popular with anatomists?
The illialac

69. How do anatomers measure circles?
With radiuses

70. What do computer programers have in common with anatomists?
The both process

71. What call in basketball is the favorite of an anatomist?
Goal tendon

72. Why does it hurt to touch your back bone?
It is a spine

73. What do musical anatomists play?

74.What is a punk rock bad liked by anatomists?
Lymph biskit

75. What do you call weak vessels?
Lymp nodes

76. Does an anatomist walk with a lymph??

77. Does an anatomical tourist see all the cyts??

78. What game do anatomists paly?
Hyoid and go seek

79. Where can an anatomist go to get some Chinese food?
The Asiatic nerve

80. What creature stalks the night terrorising young anatomists with its calls?
The Spine-owl chord

81. How do you put a hole in a nerve?
With a spin-awl chord

82. Why couldn't the anatomist shoot the egg?
He ran out of amnion

83. How do anatomists light up the night?
With am-neon lights

84. Why are there arms and legs in the brain?
It is part of the LIMBic system

85. Why is there a sheep in your hippocampus?
It is part of the LAMBic system

86. Why are these jokes so awful?
They are about the limb-ICK system

87. How does an anatomist write?
With a limBIC

88.What is a Russian anatomical jet?
The a-MIG-dala

89. Who is the anatomical queen of Naboo?
Queen Amygdala

90. Where are smelling cells made?
In the Olfactory bulb

91. What is a mythological anatomical bird that is reborn from fire
when it dies?
The fornix

92. What is anatomists favorite musical instrument?
The organ

93. What anatomical feature runs rampant through the Himalayas?
The abdominal snow man

94. What does an anatomist do with a popsicle?
He/she finds the O-lick-ranon process

95. What are there so many shards in an anatomy lab?
Because anatomist tend to brachius stuff

96. Who is the favorite talk show host of an anatomist?
Larynx King

97. Who is an anatomists favorite boxer?
Larynx Lewis

98. What does an anatomist give you when she is mad?
A scowl-ple

99. What is an anatomists favorite basketball team?
The New York Larynx

100. What do you call an anatomical kitten?
A Cat-daver

101. Why are these jokes like a body if you don't put it in formaldehyde?
They are both rotten.


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