Monday, September 25, 2006

Really Cheesy Puns

101 Cheese Jokes

If you need help getting these go to: (its a real website?!)

1. What cheese is made backwards?
edam (its a cheese from the netherlands)

2. What ninja turtles character is best described by cheese?
The cheddar (shreddar)

3. What sound does a basketball make when it passes through a basket of cheese?

4. Why is Swiss cheese sacred?
because its holey

5. What type of baby forest creatures like to dip things in cheese?

6. In Sri Lanka to which cheese do they pray?
Gudda (Bhudda)

7. Why is a cheese factory a good place to take a humanities field trip?
Its occupants are well cultured (culture is the name of the bacteria
that make up cheese and yogurt)

8. What does a lady in a mall with a a cheese credit card do?
Go on a shopping bree

9. What do you call a curly haired cheese?

10. What do you call an oriental cheese?

11. What surrounded a medieval cheese castle?
A moat-zzarealla

12. What great composer was made of cheese?

13. Name a recent children's book about a cheese dragon?

14. Name some characters made of cheese in Lord of the rings

15. One of the wives of Henry VIII was a cheese?

16. What is a flower made of cheese?

17. What stone of cheese can you kiss in Ireland?
the Blarney stone

18. What did I do with a cheese handcerchief?
I bleu my nose

19. What is a popular song among cheeses?
I'm Blue da bu de da bu die

20.Make you own joke for this one-- Bra

21. What was a cheese house built out of?
Bricks (I could have said cheese but that is just two obvious)

22. What were Martin Leuther Kings' famous words about cheese?
"Brie, Brie at last! Thank God Almighty Brie at last!"

23. What cheese do you kill if you hold your breathe too long?
Brin cells

24. What do you call a robber made of cheese?
An in-bruder ( an intruder)

25. Again make your own joke --Buffalo (made from buffalo milk,
popular in England and aparently tastes like almonds?!)

26.What do you say to a masterpiece cheese?
anything you want it cheese and can't hear you

27. What do you really say to a masterpiece cheese?
Isn't that a butte

28.Why is cheese making hard?
Because you have to know the Innes and outs of it

29.What do you call a flying piece of fabric that looks like cheese?

30. Why do cartoon cheeses look nothing like the real things?
because they ardrahan (are drawn)

31.Which cheese won?
Well adelost

32. When the cheese connosiuer had to wiz what was it called?
Cheese Whiz

33. What else could it have been that caused the cheese lover to wiz?
A baladi infection

34. What is the cheese capital of Louisiana?
Balaton rouge

35. If someone damages your cheese what is it called/

36.If a wind of cheese is blowing how do you measure it?
With a beaufort scale (beaufort scale is also the name given to wind speeds)

37.Which exploror discovered cheese?
John Caboc

38.If you put cheese on a fulcrum what is it called?
A cantal-lever

39. Celtic Promise
I will see Ireland (Celtic Promise is a cheese)

40. How is cheese made?
Very caerphilly

41. Why is cheese like a band?
Its often sharp, same with scissors

42.Who is the vice president of cheese?
Dick Cerney

43. What cheese reactor blew up in the 80s?
Cerney-obile (Chernobile)

44. When two cheeses are back to back what is it called?
A prime time double Cheddar (Prime time double header)

45. What do you call a stupid cheese?

46. What do you put in corpants
Corleggys (corleggy is the cheese i am poking fun at)

47. Cottage cheese
Where farmer john lives (parmesan)

48. What do you call an ivisible cheese cat?
A cheshire cat

49. What games do you play with a cheese-aholic?

50. Who is a famous cheese wrap artist?

51. Country near Iraq is made entirely of cheese/

52.What game do kids with cheese play?

53. When is your cheese too old?
When it does jumping Jacks

54. What do you call a floatilla of cheese?
A ricotta (regatta is a bunch of boats)

55.What do you call sub zero curd?
Friesian cheese

56.If you cut out a cheese head's brain what have you done?
given him a Fontal lobotomy

57.How do you honor the cheese gods?
pay Fromage (homage) to them

58. More Lord Of the Rings Cheese heads?
Fynbo (frodo), Gabriel, Llanglofan (Legolas(a guy w/o building blocks)),

59. What is the fabled city of cheese founded by King Aurthur?

60. When you are thrown out of california by Arnold Swarchsinegger,
what cheese does he give you?
Geitost (get out w/ a governator accent)

61.What cheese munster (er monster) did perseus slay?
The gorgonzola

62. What emotion is expressed by a cheese lover when cheese is lost?
She is Greved

63. Name two dances done by cheese?
The Hereford Hop and the Jumping Jack

Hubbardston Blue Cow Cheese is purposely covered in mould. Its speeds
the ripening process and adds flavor!?

64. What do you call Pop Culture cheese from the 1960s?
Hipi Iti (its a cheese from New Zealand its name means little sheep in Maori??)

65. If you do a statistical study on cheese what must you include/
The Isle of Mull hypothesis

66. How does a cheese artisan get money?
He Kashta check (cashed a check)

67. What is a cheese heads least favorite sport?
Kikorangi (kick orangey)

68.Other than cheesy ones what type of jokes does a cheese connosouier tell?
Knockalara knockalara jokes

69.What gambling game do cheese lovers pay?
Le Roule-ette

70.What do you call a heavy cheese?
Well Leyden (laiden)

71. What do you call a smelly cheese radio talk show host?
Rush Limburger (Rush Lambaugh)

72. Why was the cheese lover able to wrap her legs around her head?
She was very Limbur (ger)

(These jokes stink like Limburger)

73. What do you call a cheese hamburger?

74. What do you call the ruler of cheese-ville?
Lim Bergher

75.What toys do little cheeses play with?
Lingot logs

76.Why is cheese not good for you?
It makes your Livarot (this cheese was originally striped and earned
the nick name the little colonel)

77. What cheese is found in stables and often requires a shovel to clean up?

78.What cheese is the capital of Suriname?

79. What do cheeses put on their eyes?

80. How do cheeses do their laundry?
In a Maytag Blue (its a cheese)

81. I've never Metton a cheese i didn't like

82. According to Carl Sagan how many cheeses are in this world?
Milleens and milleens

83.What does a cheese alcoholic call for?

84.What is a famous fairy tale among cheese?

85.What do cheese go as for halloween/

86. What do you call a very large painting of a cheese?
A Murol

87. What did Mr. Miagi teach the karate cheese?
Oaxaca on Oaxaca off

Oszczypek is polish sheep milk cheese

88. How do you get goats milk cheese?
ewes milk

89.Where do cheese go to college?

90.Which well endowed actress is famous among cheese?
Panela anderson

Pant ys Gawn (real cheese)

91. What do you call a subatomic cheese?
Quark (a type of cheese and the German word for curd)

92.Why did the cheese hire a lawyer?
He felt he had a good Queso

93.Who does synchronized cheese dances?
The New York Racklettes

94 Who was one of the head cheeses in shakepear's Mid Summer night's dream?
Leicester (Lysander)

95. What do you do with old Norwegian chesse?
Get Ridder it

96. What must you always do in cheese games?
Play by the Roules

97.What do you call epic tales of cheese?

98.If you take cheese on a boat what does it become?
Saler's cheese (sailors cheese)

99 How do you get the cheese between your teeth?
Use dental Schloss

100. Who is incharge of california's cheese?
Arnold Schloss-enegger

Stinking bishop cheese is 48% fat

There is a cheese called Tyn Grug
There is also a sour cheese known as Xynotyro
Xanadu cheese was an ancient Greek cheese used as food for Union
soldiers in the US civil War

101. What did you think of those jokes?
Zamorano good (some are no good, its a famous Spanish cheese)

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