Thursday, September 21, 2006

hard rock puns

101 Hard Rock puns (geography and geology, actually)

1. Who is a famous singer of geography in the 1940s?
Frank Sumatra

2. What type of math do geographers do?
Aden and Subtracten

3. What game do geographers play?

4. What is a geographer's favorite letter?

5. What comes after Geology?

6. What part of bread do geologists like the most?
The crust

7. What is over a geologist's fireplace?
The mantle

8.What geologic era is really a multitool?
The pilercene

9. Who are a geographer's favorite superheros?
Baffin And Robin

10. How does a geographer tie something down?
With Europe

11. What play did James Lovelock write in 1978?
Gaeas and Dolls

12.What signs are you likely to see in rural Norway?
OSLO Children at play

13. Which country's capital is increasing the fastest?
Ireland, everything there is Dublin

14. What is the angriest country?
IRE land

15. What is the favorite food in Morocco?
Rabat stew

16. What movie released a number of years ago took place in Morocco
and stared Will Smith?
I Rabat

17. Why are geographers so good at cooperating in kindergarten?
Because they have already learned to Sahara

18. What are you likely to find in upscale hotels along the Ivory Coast?
A Cote check

19. What is the motto of a geographer?
Here today Ghana tomorrow

20. What are college age African geographers to have?
A Togo party

21. What do geometers and geographers have in common?
They both measure Angolas

22. What do you do if you encounter a wild African animal?
Make no Sudan movements

23. How are the three geography stooges?
Larry, Curly and Mozambique

24. What is the name of an African Rap song?
"Shake Djibouti"

25. What is the smartest body of water on Earth?
The sea near Egypt, it is well Red

26. If something goes wrong in the Persian Gulf is it a bad Oman??

27. Are geographers Gaea or strait??

28. In which country can you find the primordial soup?

29. What is the plainest country on Earth?

30. Athens and you shall retheivens?

31. In which Eastern European city are you likely to find monster claws?

32. Where is the European wall street?

33. Is it important to understand everything about cities in Germany?
No, as long as you get the Essen of it

34. How did you get to the Middle East?

35. What do you call soft balls from Afghanistan?
Hindu Kush balls

36. What is the bluest country?

37.Where do geographers go for sandwiches?
The New Delhi

38. What is another motto of geographers?
Bengal done that

39.Where in Egypt do you go to get your back realigned?
To a Cairo-practor

40. What do African geographers put on their sandwiches?
Dar Es Salaami

41. What do geographers pick up along a beach?

42. Where was Eve kick out of?
The graden of ADEN

43. What game do Indian geographers play?
Dhaka Dhaka Goose

44. Why are the forest of along the Himalayas so busy?
Because that's where the Indus Tree is?

45. What is the current model of Asian enzymes called?
The Indused fit model

46. What do South East Asians put on their clothes?

47.What is a popular drink amoung Asian geographers?

48. What is a popular Asian programming language?
Java Script

49.How do Philippinos send their mail?
In Manilla Envelops

50. In which capital can you find a marsupial eating Eucalyptus?
Koala Lumpur

51. Which country is the most formal?
Tie land

52. Laos but not least

53. On which Indonesian island can you see more Hollywood stars than any other?
On Celebes

54. What does a geographer like to blow bubbles in?
Chewing Guam

55. What do you get if you mix astronomy and geography?
A super Novaya

56. Where can a geographer find some cents?
On a pennysula

57. What is an Asian geographer's favorite toy?
A Tokyo-yo

58. What do Australian ladies carry their belongings in?
A perth

59. Which current is the favorite of glaciologists?
The Anarctic Cirque-compolar current

60. WHy is an exotic fruit like an ocenographer?
They both study currants

61. Why is an electrician like an oceanographer?
They both study current events

62. What should you do if you are feeling ill in the South Pacific?
Stick out your Tonga

63.What song of the South pacific did Carl Orff write?
O Fuunia

64. How does a geographer reduce friction?
WIth ball Bering Straits

65. How does a geographer find a girl?
Through the international date line

66.Where in Alaska can you get money?
In Barrow

67. What does a geographer call it when he/she forgets multiple things at once?

68. On which island is there the greatest ammount of eructation?
Canada's Belcher Island

69. Which type of art can be found in the Carribbean?

70. What island chain is really the crown of a princess?
Tiarra del Fuego

71. What is a popular hobby amound Antarctic explorers?
Learning to Weddell

72. Have you hear about the person who sommeraulted across the Ross Ice shelf?
She wanted to flip the Byrd

73. There is a a song written about a region in Antarctica?
Charlie Parker's Welcom to Byrd Land

74.Which Antarctic region is the most elegaic?
Queen Maudlin

75. In which town can you find more superheros than any other?

76. What might a youthful geographer traveling down South be entertained by?
An Arcardia

77. The Seismologist was found guilty, aparently he was at fault.

78. Which form of rock has the best breathe?

79. Ig toe ous, ig shin ous, ig knee ous

80. How do geologist pedal to work?
On a rock cycle

81. What math do geologists deal with frequently?
Sineclines and Cosineclines

82. Why did the geologist stand on a fault?
He wanted to Transform himself

83. What do you call two geologist fighting out in a field?

84.Where do geologists have their fortunes read?
by a Gypsum

85. What is the geolgoic sea near California?
The Sea of Quartzes

86. What do geologists eat off of?

87. What do geolgoists drink?
Gin and Tech-tonics

88. What is the favorite musical instrumetn of a geologist?
A Mantle in (mandolin)

89.How do plate techtonic scientists keep their teeth clean?
By studying the fossil flossopterixs

90. What is a oceanographer's favorite cartoon"
ALVIN and the chipmunks

91. Why wasn't the geologist on time?
He was slate

92. What does a geologist like to eat?
Earth cakes (quakes)

93. Why is a geographer like a Pepsi company?
They both study POPulations

94. What does a meteorolgist say when a wind secret has been leaked?
The Katabatic is out of the bag

95. Why is a spark jumping a gap like an island chain?
They both involve arcs

96. What book about oceanic drilling did Jules Verne write?
JOIDES to the Center of the Earth

97. Where on the East coast of America can you get fruit?
In the Apple-achins

98.The Dixie Chicks wrote a song about Russian geography. Do you know
what it was?
Ural's gotta die

99. What do Russians wear on their feet?

100. What type of televison do they have in Afghanistan?

101. Why are these jokes so good?
They just rock

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