Thursday, September 21, 2006

101 Sci fi Puns

101. Sci Fi Puns

1. Which Danish Musical humorist is really a Star Trek Villain?
Vicktor BORG-e

2. Where do trekies run laps?
At a Star Track

3. Which cuboidal puzzle directed a famous sci-movie?
Stanley Rubix

4. What is a famous Sci-Fi flick involving a mathematical computing program?
Battlestar Mathematica

5. Among the Trematodes who is the most famous Sci-fi character?
Fluke Skywalker

6. How long until the next Star Wars movie comes out?
I don't know. I guess you'll just have to Sith and wait

7. What do trekies put in their car?
Spock Plugs

8. What was the title of this years Vulcan convention?
Finding Nemoy

9. What do trekies put on their car tires?
Vulcanized rubber

10. What do you get if you mix Star Wars and a country singer?
Darth Brooks

11. What key do Trekies sing in?
Tribble Clef

12. What do Star wars fan drink to wake up in the morning?
A cup of Jabba

13. I bet when the cameras weren't rolling Luke got Leiad.

14.Why did the Wooki die of mouth cancer?
He Chewbacca

15. What do you get if you cross a famous 1940s supersluth mystery
novel with Star Wars?
The Case of the Millennial Maltese Falcon

16. Why do capitalists, Trekies, and Christians get along so well with
each other?
They all believe in free Enterprise

17. Which treckies founded Rome?
The Romulans and Reemans

18. What do sci- fi geeks do on Halloween?
They go Treky Treating

19.Lightsabers, aren't hose the candies that freshen your breath?

20. In the race where did Han Solo finish?
in Blast place

21.X wings, Y wings, dX/dy wings

22. What does an Endor Bear cook in?
An Ewok

23. What book about Ewoks did Orson Scott Card write?
Endor's Game and Endor's Shadow

24.Which Ewok can be found on a Cricket Pitch?

25. Which Ewok is really a sorcoress?
The Wicket Witch

26. What space station can you get from unhappy parents?
The Death Stare

27. Pikard, any card.

28. What was a sci fi series about a deer trapped in the 25th century?
Buck Rodgers

29. Which Sci Fi hero had his own neighbor hood?
Mr. Buck Rodger's Neighborhood

30. What do you call two apple music devices racing each other?
Pod racing

31. What would an insane sci-fi geek like nothing more?
To be locked in a Padmed room

32. Did you know Obi Wan had a gambling problem?
That's why they called him Keno-bi

33. If Star wars were made today would Kenobi be Obese Wan??

34. If Star Treck were run by the Flintstones?
Would it be the Fred-eration

35.What is a treky if he/she is being a smart Alec?
A pain in the Cardassian

36. What keeps the crew of deep Space Nine warm?
A Fur-angi coat

37. If I were a sci-fi movie what would the title be?
Space Oddity 2001

38. Why did Dave go to Jupiter?
For the HAL of it

39. What is Dave's favorite fish?

40.Which evil computer company is Dick Cheny in charge of?
HAL iburton

41.What is a winemakers favorite movie?
the Re3make of Planet of the Grapes

42. Which governor of California/ actor is famous for his sci-fi spoof?
Arnorld Schwartz-enegger

43. What is a scifi geeks favorite food? Fortune cookies and Yogurt.

44. What is the theme song of Lone Star?
We be Jammin

45. What is the most dangerous Star Trek weapon?
Red shirts

46. Which Russian state is a really acollection of Trekies?

47. What does a Next Generation Treky say when playing hide and go seek?
Rikker or not here I come

48. Isn't he a Q't?

49. The star Trek engine room is just Warped.

50. Do you think the crew of Next Generation ever went on Datas??

51. Where do Star wars fans go to get body art?
A Tatooine parlor

52. Hey I have Chewbacca's Wookie card.

53. R2-D2, C3PO BINGO!!

54. The Force is equal to The Mass times The Acceleration

55. What type of movies does a forlorn geek watch?
Sigh Fi

56. What is the motto of a Science Fiction Geek?
Semper Sci

57. What slows geeks down?
Science Friction

58. Which Sci-Fi Super hero of the 1980s had to fight the evil medusa Ming?
Flash Gorgon

59. How does a foootball hero turned space crusader save his data?
On a Flash Gordon Drive

60.What is a Sci Fi show that is inappropriate fro kids?
Flashed Gordon

61. Which group of trucks included the thing, the torck, the
invisible truck, the streatchy truck?
The Fantastic Ford

62. Earth developed a carbunkle. They are calling it the wart of the worlds.

63. Have you heard of the new Sci fi about a man between a lady and
her girl friends?
They are calling it the invisible man

64. The man who would not mix with anything was known as the imiscible man.

65. Have you heard how the War of the Worlds ends?
I guess alls Wells that ends Wells

66. Where does Orson keep his money?
In Wells Fargo

67. Who was a famous Sci Fi musician?
Stephen Jay Goa'uld

68. Why did the cast of Stargate go to California in the 1840s?
To FInd Goa'uld

69. What do you call sick being from another planet?
Aling iens

70. What do you call space invaders that drink?

71. Whcih Sci fi show do ladies like?
Clothes encounters of the Third Kind

72. Have You heard about the Mathematician M. Knight Shamalan's work?
One of his most famous pieces is called Sines

73. What is a cow's favorite scie fi show?
The Udder limits

74. If the X files caught on fire, what would they be?
Agents Smolder a Scully

75. Is the cast of the X files good at Scullying a ship?

76. Alternative definitions: Men in Black
Rabbis and Preachers

77. Where does a science movie geek keep his money>?
In Bank to the Future

78.Where does a science movie geek park his boat?
At the Doc Brown

79. Which alien destroying Earth movie do race car drivers like?
Indy-pendance day

80. When asked to find the ara what didit the sci fi geek answer?

81. What greek letters do nerds like the most?
Psi Phi

82. Science Fiction is a full CONTACT sport.

83. Which sci fi character will you find in a bakery?
The Bread-ator

84. Which movie about Bug Cyborgs made Swartzenegger famous?
The Termite-nator

85. What is a Jules Verne book about a lot of baseball teams under the ocean?
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea

86. What are these joes getting to be?
A real pain in the Asimov

87. On the web you might find the classic, the Blog that ate New York

88. It came from beneth the N'Sync.

89. If a sci fi geek goes crazy has he become a Dunatic

90.What is a Sci Fi geek's favorite political chartoon?

91. What does a scie Fi geek call the apolocalyps?

92. What is the favorite infant sci fi of all time?
Baby-lon 5

93. What do toddlers don on Local Networks?
Watch Baby-LAN 5

94. Which mouth wash does the last survivng Huamn aboard Red Dwarf use?

95. Wha tis another popular sci fi among ladies?
The Foundation Trilogy

96. Have you ever met anyone who has no hanidcaps??

97. What does a Sci Fi geek call the period 40 days before Easter?
Soy Lent

98. Neither a borrower nor a Soy Lenter Be.

99. What movie is an old time scie fi author's plea to keep our rain forests?
Verne Gully

100. What is the favored weapon of Mr. Bradbury.
A Ray gun

101. I should be Ewoked up side the head for these puns

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